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Nation should not be defeated

By PR Pradhan
pushpa-columnWe will remain as a Nepali only if the country remains. We can draft many constitutions if we will have a nation; we can go for many elections if the nation will remain. But in the name of “loktantra” or institutionalization of the “historic achievements”, we should not push the nation and the countrymen towards conflict. At present, we are in a critical phase. In the name of preserving “historical achievements” some leaders who are being guided, supported and protected by the foreign powers, are trying to finish our sovereign identity. They also know that their acts are against the nation and they are serving the foreign powers to end existence of a sovereign nation, unfortunately, they are trying to secure their future by pleasing the foreign powers. The process for amendment of the constitution is an effort to separate and split this historical country. The voting for amendment of the constitution on Sunday has been postponed until 4 May as some brave MPs belonging to the ruling party saw such an amendment as an anti-national act. When they decided not to vote in favour of the constitution amendment bill, the government has postponed the voting date till 4 May. For the time being, the amendment attempt has not materialized but the foreign powers are active and still there is the threat has not been over. Some of the MPs have shown that their position is not bigger than the country’s existence. On the other hand some political leaders are claiming that after the amendment of the constitution, all the political problems will be resolved, which is wrong. The country is going to enter into a dark tunnel if the constitution is amended responding to the demands of those migrated Indians. Of course, this is not the beginning of the crisis. It started since the signing of the 12-point agreement in New Delhi by the extremist Maoists and seven parliamentary parties under the design of Indian intelligence and Western Christians. The Indo-West plan is to destabilize, destroy and disintegrate Nepal. Under this project, many of the leaders of the day are receiving all kinds of support from the foreign powers. The Madheshi Front is dancing to the tune of Delhi whereas those leaders supported by India are serving Delhi’s design in the name of fulfilling the demands of the Madheshi Front for political stability. For the first time, the nation was defeated when the political leaders signed the 12-point agreement. Then after, the Maoist and the seven party alliance in agitation defeated the nation. The leaders empowered after the so-called people’s movement 2 distributed Nepali citizenship to the 4.2 million Indians residing in the country. This was another defeat the nation had to witness. The Madhesh issue came to the surface after a large number of Indians received Nepali citizenship. Rajnath Singh, Indian home minister has claimed that India is seriously concerned about Nepal as above ten million Indians are residing here. Perhaps, the total number of those Biharis residing in Nepal could be above ten million. To provide Nepali citizenship to the Biharis (now they have become Madheshis) was another defeat for the nation. When our leaders imposed a constituent assembly, it was also a defeat. Ending the 240-yearold institution of monarchy was a big conspiracy for weakening Nepal and ending Nepal’s cultural and religious identity. Again, the nation was defeated when the new constitution was promulgated. Understandably, the present constitution cannot function in a tiny country like Nepal. One cannot expect political stability and economic prosperity of the nation under this constitution. Rather, the country will continue to face one after another defeat. Even if hundreds of amendments are made in the constitution, it will not be able to resolve problems, instead, further problems will be added. After the end of the institution of monarchy from the country, Delhi has become the new capital of Nepal. Just recently, the main architect of the 12-point agreement, Shyam Saran had arrived here to advice our leaders. Then after, Prime Minister PushpakamalDahal confidently said to the Madheshi Front that he was going to amend the constitution from the parliament. Horse trading was started to buy the MPs. Nevertheless, some MPs of the ruling party demonstrated the courage against the party whip even by sacrificing their post saying that nothing was greater than the motherland. This should be taken as an example by all the political leaders. The psychology existed among the political leaders is that they cannot survive without the support of Delhi. Therefore, they have become the slave of India. If all the leaders will discard their personal interests, such as accepting scholarships for their kids, medical support for them, among others, they can make Nepal a prosperous, sovereign and independent nation. Instead of taking financial support from India to run their political parties, if the political leaders raise donation from the Nepali people, the leaders will not face the allegation of being Indian puppets. Of course, there are some leaders who hate Indian intervention and they are living with dignity. If the leaders want a life with prestige and dignity, they should not run behind the Indians. Most importantly, this is upto the Nepali voters. If the political leaders will not change their behavior, the voters should punish them by defeating them during elections.

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