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Nation at crucial juncture

By Our Reporter
The political parties in the government have decided to hold the 14 May election at any cost, whereas, the Madheshi Front has announced its protest programs to disturb the elections at any cost. Both the sides are prepared for confrontation from which the politics may take a new course.
Some security observers have even warned that if the government will try to suppress the Madheshi Front, the separatist movement in Tarai districts can become strong, which may go beyond the control of the government.
No elections in 11 districts:
Although the government is claiming for holding elections on 14 May in all over the country, there is rare chance of elections in eight districts in the No 2 province and three districts in the No 5 province. They are: Siraha, Saptari, Dhanusha, Mohattari, Bara, Parsha, Rautahat and Sarlahi, Kapilvastu, Rupandehi and Nabalparashi. Until now, the mainstream political parties – NC, UML and Maoist Center – are unable to carry-out their election campaign in these districts.
Meaningless elections:
The elections held without participation of the Madheshi Front will be meaningless, says even the NC and MC leaders.
Delhi has made its standpointclear that it would not recognize the elections held without participation of the Madheshi Front. In the meantime, small 68 parties including the Naya Shakti led by BaburamBhattarai have launched agitation demanding election symbol as demanded by them. They have also said that if they will not get election symbol as demanded by them, they will not allow the government to hold local elections. In this regard, the lections in hill districts can also be affected.
More seriously, if the politics will take a new course and if the situation will go beyond the control of the government and if the nation will head towards a split, will it be wise to go for the local elections?
Past mistakes:
The Maoists had committed a serious mistake by provoking the communal forces. The Maoists introduced the agenda of identity, which has become a serious headache for the very Maoists. Theparliamentarian parties committed serious blunder by adopting the Maoist agendas. Now, the Pandora’s Box has been opened and the political situation has gone beyond the control of the political parties and particularly from the control of Maoist supremo Pushpakamal Dahal. The major three parties believed that they were all in all and introduced the politics of rejection. Above 90 percent of people having belief on Hindu religion are unable to find their space in the present constitution. Those who believe on institution of monarchy too are unable to get their space in the constitution. When so many sections are unable to feel their ownership on the constitution, already, there was doubt on sustainability of the constitution. If the major political parties will fail to correct their past mistakes, they are obviously going to make the situation more complex from which the country will move towards the process of split. By realizing the seriousness of the situation, the major political parties should become ready to scrap the present constitution.
If Maoist Center supremo still believes that secularism, federalism and republicanism are the achievements for him, he should become ready to accept the fact that he will also be responsible for separation of the nation.

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