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Nabil Bank announces biggest health coverage scheme for its customers

By Our Reporter
Nabil Bank in association with Metlife Insurance has brought an attractive insurance scheme for its depositors covering upto three hundred thousand rupees for those depositors diagnosed with fatal disease and a term life insurance of Rs 75 thousand in case of death of the account holder.
The insurance coverage will be effective from 25 November. Account holders having minimum deposit worth 25 thousand rupees will be eligible for the scheme.
13 fatal diseases are included in the scheme.
Bank’s CEO Anil Shah said, “The major problem that we see today in medical insurance is that first we have to pay ourselves, collect the bills and then the insurance company will pay us later. So to fill in that gap, the saving account holders with a minimum cash balance of Rs 25,000, upon getting sick can visit any hospital of their choice, do a thorough diagnosis and if in case they are seen with any of the disease listed in the scheme, they can bring the doctors’ verified certificate to the bank and Rs. 3 lakh will be deposited in your account within 15 days of diagnosis.”

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