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Mounting demand for celebrating national unity day on Pous 27

By Our Reporter
dsc_0967The present  government which has earned a bad name as a puppet government of India has been hesitating to mark the National Unity Day on Poush 27 (January 11) to commemorate Prithvi Naryana Shah who created foundation of present day Nepal by unifying small principalities some 250 years ago.
Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal who agreed to give a holiday on Christmas in the pressure of the Christian community seems not ready to mark the National Unity Day and give a public holiday despite pressure from the people.
If PM Dahal does not agree to mark the National Unity Day, he is sure to be called as a pro-Christian PM and anti-national leader.
Of course, Dahal had initiated the decade long violence by uprooting the statues of Prithvi Narayan Shah and condemning him. However, of late he has been presenting himself as a great fan of Shah but his new posture will be no more than crocodile’s tear if the government does not recongnise the National Unity Day.
Indeed, it is ungrateful on the part of the Nepali leaders to not show respect to the creator of Nepal.
There has already been a committee under Ram Babu Prasai to mark the Day at people’s level.

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