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Mountain bike race for school children

Prodigy MTB Race, a school level mountain biking event, organised by Gnarly, a mountain biking company based in Lalitpur is scheduled to take place in Chobhar, Kathmandu, on August 13.
While sports like football, basketball and volleyball are commonly played in most schools in the Capital, mountain biking is a sport that has been only recently gaining recognition and popularity. So, Prodigy MTB 2016, Gnarly aims to put mountain biking races in the map, even for kids. “We received several inquiries from kids we have trained in various schools,” explains AnujAdhikary, media director ofthe race, “This is why we’ve focused only on kids for this race. Whether or not they have experience riding bikes, we provide them formaltraining and also take them on free rides on the valley outskirts.”
Gnarlyin the past, they have, organised several downhill and Enduro competitions but this is the first time they are organising a kids’ race.
There will be four categories based on kids’ classes and the races will take place on two circuits, 0.5 km for smaller kids and 2 km for bigger kids, with varied number of laps depending on category. There will beprizes for all participants. “We want all kids to feel that they successfully accomplished the race,” says ShyamLimbu, race director of Prodigy MTB. “That is why we facilitate and congratulate all participants on the stage,” he adds.
Riders need to be in class 10 or below to participate. Deadline for participation is July 31.

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