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It is certainly no coincidence. Rautahat was the district from whence the Tarai based parties demonstrated their cadre clout by announcing that they had outdone the Maoists in cashing in communally for organizational purposes. The ‘Madhesh’ was also the region where the ‘Left’s’ secular ideology was by and large defeated by the more recognizable communal definitions of the exploited as the former CPN-UML learnt during the agitation down south. So, when the first declared ‘separatist’ leader is absorbed by the majority two thirds government of the now CPN to convenience the first major Tarai public gathering of the government party, there is certainly meaning. Meaningful thus also is the fact that, previous to C.K. Raut forsaking his public belligerence, he is removed from detention at time when the recently lodged Tharu leader Resham Chaudhury is handed down a life sentence for ‘murder’. In a way the judiciary has enabled K.P.Oli’s Terai cash and much can be read from this latest development in the ever-fluid political arena.
For one thing, Raut’s sudden change of heart announced by Oli at the reconciliation meet has points of discord with the rest of the body politic, especially the Terai parties, especially when his release in his home turf is welcomed by well armed henchmen whose sources are equally questionable. For another, coupled with the Terai parties, Oli has provoked the ‘Tharuhat’ which had instigated a violent movement for which Chaudhury is once again under persecution. In a sense, one now must await the results of the ‘balance’ sought by Oli between the two and then await the repercussions of the withdrawal of the support to Oli’s two-thirds majority government by the Terai. Raut, Chaudhury and the Madhesh was shifted into focus by the government’s Rautahat meet where, again, the prime minister poured vitriolic against ‘Biplav’, yet another belligerent party currently announcing presence with fatalities. Biplav’s CPN-Maoist will have drawn wrath from the original Maoist leader ‘Prachanda’ of course; the latter wil have nodded surely when his prime minister and party co-chairman Oli uses the Rautahat occasion to term Biplav a dacoit. How much “Prachanda’ will have nodded, though. when C.K.Raut was compared as a revolutionary to himself is anybody’s guess. But one cannot deny that there is politics in all this. Yes, politics is heating.
C.K. Raut’s bevy of armed escorts notwithstanding, the fact that his ‘independence’ movement can open offices for organization with lip-service compromise on his ‘liberation’ movement is a message certainly not lost. The Tharus chafing at Chaudhury’s imprisonment are already relaunching agitations from Kanchanpur to Parasi provoking the Madhesh parties not to lag behind. The threat of violence is alluring. Separatism, despite government public warnings is now a beckoning attraction for political organization and Raut’s welcome at Janakpur suggests that there will be backers. The chess board has been set; the pieces are now being tabled. The pawns are in place. More will unfold. The problem is that the players are many. Uncertainty holds.

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