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“Loktantra” not for the Nepalis but for foreigners!

pushpa-columnIt is surprising that the Election Commission has removed the clause related to the Hindu Kingdom from the RPP statute on the eve of the local election. From such an act of the Commission, RPP has been annoyed and as a reaction, RPP has announced to launch a nationwide protest programme.
It is questionable why the RPP alone has been targeted as there are other political parties which are also contesting elections although they have not accepted the present constitution. If the statute of the Maoist Center and other communist parties are read, it has been mentioned that they want to introduce a communist system. Isn’t it against the constitution? There are some parties which are against federal structure. Aren’t they against the constitution?
As the constitution has guaranteed democracy and freedom, why has the Commission curtailed the right of the RPP? It seems, there is a serious conspiracy against RPP which has carried out the agenda of Hindu Kingdom. Of course, Nepal was declared a secular republic not through a democratic process but through foreign coercion. Western Christianity campaigners as well as some Indian intelligence agencies were involved in removal of the Hindu kingdom from the country having above 85 per cent people belonging to the Omkar family. Yes, this is a conspiracy to weaken the Hindu religion and to finish Nepali identity. Just like the leaders who declared Nepal a secular republic under the influence of the Western powers, it seems, the powerful Election Commissioners have also been used by the very elements to fulfill their vested interests.
The prime job of the Election Commission is to hold the elections successfully. It is not to de ide what is constitutional and which is unconstitutional! The Commission has tried to act against the spirit of the constitution, which may invite further unrest in the country. RPP, from its national convention, has endorsed the agenda of the Hindu Kingdom. Furthermore, RPP Nepal was carrying this agenda and it had contested the Constituent Assembly election by making this slogan the party’s political agenda. People also voted for the RPPN by electing 25 CA members and RPPN was also in the government. Again, after unification between RPP and RPPN, there are five ministers in the present cabinet from RPP. When RPP is qualified to join the government and the judiciary body has no objection on the RPP agenda, why has it become a headache for the Election Commission?
To recall, Nepal has become a playground for the Westerners and Indians. According to an estimate, Indians hold the strength of above five thousand votes in every electoral constituency in the Tarai districts, whereas, the Christians hold above five thousand votes in each electoral constituency in the Hill districts. In such a manner, to influence the voters for the victory of the candidates serving foreigners interests, they have made a huge investment. In this way, we are going to elect those candidates who are pro-Christians from the Hill districts and we are going to elect pro-Indians from the Tarai districts. If such a trend will continue, there will be scarcity of political leaders having patriotic stance. As we have seen political leaders showing total loyalty to foreign powers, the trend will further intensify if our constitutional organs will also try to serve the foreign powers.
A democracy should be for betterment of the country. Safeguarding national sovereignty and independence of the country and the welfare of the citizens should be the prime goal of any democracy. Unfortunately, our “loktantra” is intended to serve the foreign interests by suppressing the national interests.
We call it a democratic system but in the name of being proportional and taking into consideration inclusiveness, 60 percent of the posts have been fulfilled through nomination of outside supporters. The political leaders in the name of proportional election, are found nominating their own wives, relatives and corrupt individuals who pay money to get the position to overshadow their anti-social and criminal activities. In the present parliament, some of the MPs are in jail on the charge of murder whereas some are facing criminal charges. If we will have such type of people in the legislative body, what type of laws will they be able to give to the people?

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