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Leaders express ire against party boss Deuba in NC’s CWC meet

By Our Reporter
Nepali-Congress-Central-Working-Committee-meetingNepali Congress leaders have been sharply divided over the defeat of the party in the elections, with the Ram Chandra Poudel-led faction blaming party president Deuba for the humiliating defeat of the party and the Deuba-led group blaming the left alliance as the only cause for the defeat.
However, most of the influential leaders, including Dr. Shekhar Koirala, Prakash Man Singh and Krishna Prasad Situal strongly criticised Deuba for the wrong decisions he took which resulted in the party’s humiliating defeat in all levels of elections.
Dr. Koirala accused of Deuba not identifying NC cadres from the cadres of other parties, taking money to give election tickets and favouring wrong men in the party.
Prakashman Singh and Sitaula also said that Deuba was solely responsible for the party’s defeat. All those who blamed Deuba for the defeat said that the impeachment motion against Sushila Karki, appointment of IGP and ambassadors, the row over Bharatpur election, and party’s failure to stand against the Indian blockade eroded the party’s popularity.
Youth leaders like Gagan Thapa, Dhanraj Gurung and Guru Ghimire are likely to heavily attack the leadership in the meeting.
Although a few leaders loyal to Deuba tried to defend him, their presentation looked too weak. Going by the trend, it looks likely that Deuba will be the most unpopular NC president in history although he looks strong in the central committee and parliament as he nominated members of coterie in both places.
The hierarchy row raised by the most incompetent and unpopular leader like Gopal Man Shrestha during the meeting, and Deuba’s effort to give him unnecessary importance was also criticised both in the meeting and public. Shrestha is responsible for the party’s defeat in Gandaki, and western hills, where NC failed to win even a single seat.
Moreover, the leaders have exerted pressure on party president Deuba to hold early general convention of the party.

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