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Leaders are afraid even from the shadow of the former King

By Our Reporter
The other day, when the former king was seen dancing at a private party in Kathmandu, co-chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) PushpakamalDahal saw a serious threat to the present republicanism.
When the former King was encircled by thousands of people in Pokhara during his private sojourn there, one CPN MP JhapatRawal demanded to the federal parliament to restrict the former King’s activities. Rawal said, the former King was performing against the spirit of the constitution. It is surprising that Rawal, a lawmaker, is not aware about the freedom guaranteed by the constitution to the Nepali citizens. Presently, the former king is a commoner and as per the constitution, he can enjoy the rights guaranteed by the constitution. If people will gather in front of him, this is not the fault of the former King but the respect given to him demonstrated by the people.
It seems, the present day leaders have become zealous from the increasing popularity of the former King whereas the political leaders are losing their height due to their involvement in rampant corruption, commission and mal-governance.

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