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Leaders and their double standards

By PR Pradhan
While celebrating the 297th birth anniversary of Great King Prithivi Narayan Shah, the government has performed double standards. When the government is considering for giving national holidays to different communities, including the Christians, during their festivals, the government seems conservative while giving national holiday on the birth anniversary of the Great King, unifier and founder of the modern Nepal.
On the other hand, President VidyaBhandary went to the Singhadurwar main gate and paid tribute on the statue of the Great King. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, who received some holy wine offered by the chief of the Unification Church and spent three days at the Soaltee Hotel, was absent at the ceremony organized to pay tribute to the Great King. Meanwhile, DPM IshwarPokhrel and some other ministers were seen at the function.
Until 2005 the Great King’s birth anniversary was observed as the National Unity Day. Along with the April Uprising in 2006, those so-called “offensive force” tried to project the unifier of modern Nepal as feudal, imperialist and a dictator. Those puppet leaders of foreigners who enjoyed power through the blessing of foreign elements, to please their foreign bosses, tried to demolish the statues of kings including Great King Prithivi Narayan Shah. Although, they give the slogan of patriotism they are not real patriotic. The very elements cancelled the holiday on the National Unification Day being observed on the birth anniversary of the creator of Nepal. However, Nepali patriotic people didn’t believe the allegations against the founder of Nepal and they continued to celebrate the Great King’s birth anniversary every year in spite of protest by the forces sponsored by foreign powers.
Enemies of sovereign Nepal:
Those who commanded the so-called people’s war with the support of foreign powers killing above 17 thousand innocent Nepalis and currently dancing to the tune of foreign powers are the real enemies of a sovereign Nepal. PushpakamalDahalPrachanda, BaburamBhattarai, among others, are the characters who served the foreign interests and spoiled this beautiful and peaceful country. Today, Prachanda, who is enjoying power, giving talks on a prosperous Nepal but the reality is that the gap between the poor and rich has been further widened and the country is suffering from law-lessness, mal-governance, rampant corruption among other things. It is sure that a prosperous day has come for those rulers of the day only. History recalls that Girija Prasad Koirala was the prime minister and Krishna Shitaula was the home minister when the holiday on the birth anniversary of the creator of Nepal was scrapped. They took such a decision just to please their foreign bosses. Sure, in the history, their names will be written as traitors of the sovereign Nepal.
In fact, the Great King was treated as an enemy by the imperialist British as the Great King, by knowing the cunning plans of the East India Company, the Great King launched Nepal’s unification campaign. The imperialist British force, through the policy of divide and rule, was able to secure victory many small nations currently belonging to India but was unsuccessful to bring Nepal under its colony. This is the reason for taking enmity against the Great King. The other reason is that the Great King, after creating Greater Nepal – having territory uptoTista in the east, Satlaj in the west and river Ganga in the south – had deported those Christianity campaigners from the Kathmandu Valley. They were later settled down in Betiya in India. The Great King had thus proclaimed Nepal as the true Hindustan. From such an act, they felt humiliated and tried to distort the image of the Great King in the history book they had written.
British enmity against the institution of monarchy in Nepal started since the formation of new Nepal, thus, even after Nepal supported the British regime always, the English rulers are always conspiring against Nepal. Currently too, the role of DFID in Nepal is very suspicious, that everybody knows. Although Nepal and the UK enjoy the longest history of diplomatic relations and mutual cooperation, the UK has betrayed Nepal in need. During the last Indian blockade too, the UK, by forgetting how Nepal had helped the British, was sided with India.
Britishers also played the role in removing the institution of monarchy under the American interests. In the name of democracy and human rights, many INGOs are active in Nepal. Their covert job is to expand Christian population in Nepal. They have funded some so-called intellectuals and civil society members just to defame the Great King, the patriotic kings and to destroy communal harmony among the Nepali people. Those traitors were involved in introducing a new constitution ensuring federal secular republic, which is intended to finish Nepali religion, culture and tradition.
Nevertheless, patriotic Nepali people are aware about those traitors, which makes clear from the increasing number of general public celebrating the birth anniversary of the creator of modern Nepal. As the traitors of the country are afraid of the increasing awareness of the Nepali patriotic people, they are performing double standards. Otherwise, if they were patriotic by heart and blood, they would not have suspended national holiday on the Great King’s birth anniversary! The government, in fact, has been badly exposed from its conservative attitude towards the founder of the nation.

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