Wednesday , July 17 2019
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Laptop MPs

Kathmandu, 15 June: The MPs who receive attractive amount of salary and allowances, are found eying on just one laptop. The Federal Parliament Secretariat has allotted 30 million rupees to purchase laptop for the MPs. One laptop costs around 30 thousand rupees in the local market, however, the Secretariat has decided to purchase each laptop at one million rupees.

MPs themselves can purchase laptop for their personal use, even though, the Secretariat has decided to distribute laptop for all the MPs by cutting down the budget allotted for development projects.

Speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara said that MPs were requesting for managing laptop even from the donor agencies, he decided to procure them from the country’s fund itself.

MPs from ruling party – Bhim Rawal and Ramkumari Jhakri — opposed the decision of providing laptop for the MPs.

What should the nation expect from those MPs who are running behind one laptop! Earlier, the MPs were found carrying tents donated by different friendly nations for the victims of the devastating earthquake.

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