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Krishna Shitaula’s arrogance turns costly for NC

By Our Reporter

Two Nepali Congress leaders, Bimalendra Nidhi and Krishna Sitaula, turned spoilsports in the elections and contributed to reduce the size of the party in both the federal and provincial assemblies.

Their arrogance against the party leadership to forge alliance with the RPP and the Madhes-based parties resulted not only in their defeats but also of other NC candidates in province 2 and Jhapa.

Sitaula was listed on the top of the PR list of the NC, but he denied it and went to contest the election against the party’s decision to grant the Jhapa-3 seats to RPP’s Rajendra Lingden. Sitaula’s move brought the RPP and the left alliance together in Mechi zone and the left alliance made a clean sweep in Mechi zone wining eight of the nine seats.  Lingden was elected in the remaining one seat in Mechi.  The arrogance shown by Sitaula has ended his political career.

Nidhi faced similar fate in Dhanusha. He not only lost the election to Rajendra Mahato of RJP-N but also prevented the electoral alliance between the NC and the Madhes-based parties. Consequently, NC won just five seats out of 32 in its stronghold while the left alliance won seven seats. Remaining 20 seats went to the Madhes-based parties in the province although the result of Sarlahi 4 is yet to be announced. If the Madhes-based parties and NC had forged alliance, the left alliance would fail to win even a single seat, and Nidhi blamed for this.

With the defeat of Nidhi and Sitaula and their failed strategies, the two leaders may have to wait for another five years to make a comeback in national as well as party politics. Party chief Deuba, who has planned to appoint Nidhi vice president of party may not be able to appoint him to the post considering the opposition from the youths in the party.

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