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Kathmandu: Dustmandu or Maskmandu?

By Our Reporter
Kathmandu, which is said to be the capital city located in the most beautiful landscape in the world, has now virtually turned into Dustmandu, thanks to the inefficient government.
Air pollution of the valley has already crossed the dangerous points at several places of the capital city. But the government has done little to address the problem. Now Kathmandu is regarded as the third most polluted capital city in the world.
Experts said that air pollution in Kathmandu has increased five times more than it was in 2014. Doctors have already warned people not to go for morning walks citing the increasing air pollution while the patients suffering from asthma and other dust-induced ailments have increased.
polluted scene Kathmandu_0-500x334The delay in completing the road widening works is attributed for the increasing air pollution. While the road expansion work is moving at snail’s pace, the Melamchi Drinking Water Project has started digging the completed roads to lay the pipes. This has further deteriorated the condition. Lack of coordination among the agencies like the Department of Road and MDW results not only in the duplication of works but also increase in air pollution.
Similarly, the old and poorly maintained public vehicles are also contributing to air pollution. The government though introduced a plan to remove the old vehicles from the city, it has been unable to implement the plan due to protest of the transport entrepreneurs. If the vehicles older than 10 years are removed, the problem of air pollution can be solved to a great extent.
Moreover, the works to remove the structures damaged by the earthquake which are now in full progress inside the city, have contributed more dust in the air. People these days cannot walk in the core city areas without wearing masks. Hence, Kathmandu has also turned into Maskmandu.
The long drought has further aggravated the situation as the city has not received rains since September last year.
If the government does not take strict measure to improve the air quality of the Valley, it will not be a safe place to live in within a few years.

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