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Kathmandu becomes unsafe with increasing crimes

By Our Reporter
Nishan Khadka, a 11 year boy of Kandaghari, Kathmandu, was brutally killed, following his abduction by two kidnappers on Sunday night.
The sixth grader, temporarily living in Kandaghari with his mother, was abducted on Sunday evening and was killed in the same night. His body was recovered from Thimi on Monday afternoon after a massive manhunt of the abductors, involving more than a hundred police personnel, and the boy.
Two kidnappers were shot dead in an encounter near Surya Binayak, Bhaktapur on Monday afternoon.
The alleged kidnappers — Gopal Tamang, 22, of Saamari village of Nuwakot district, and Ajaya Tamang, 23, of Karthali-1 of Sindhupalchowk district — were shot dead in the police encounter in the jungle of Surya Binayak Municipality-8, on the way to Pilot Baba Temple in Bhaktapur district.
Khadka, 11, a student of Highland Secondary School in Kandaghari, had returned home at his usual time after 4 pm on Sunday, and was with his mother in her tea shop till 6 pm.
When Nishan didn’t come home by 9 pm on Sunday, his mother Chameli had informed the police about the incident before she received a call from an unknown phone number stating that her son was abducted.
The kidnappers had asked for a ransom of Rs. 4 million for the release of her son.
However, police recovered the body of the boy, which had been buried after his murder, Monday afternoon near Nagadesh of Madhyapur Thimi-9 in Bhaktapur district.
Nishan was the only son of Chameli, and his father Ganesh Bahadur Khadka was in Malaysia as a migrant worker. Police recovered one pistol and two rounds of bullets from the incident site.
According to police investigation, Gopal Tamang, the kidnapper, was a regular visitor to the eatery, where he used to have lunch.
Gopal was a painter, and had been taking the morning meal there for the past four years.
On the day of the abduction, Nishan’s mother herself had sent her son with Gopal on a bicycle to buy him a mobile phone. Nishan had gone to buy the mobile with Gopal after returning from school.
The abduction and killing of Nishan suggest that Kathmandu has become a haven for criminals. Abducting and asking ransom have become an easy means to make money for many criminal-minded youths. Although killing of the abductors in the encounter might discourage others from resorting to similar crimes, killing should not have been solution to the problem.

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