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Kantipur Vs Annapurna Post

By Our Reporter
A media war has been witnessed between two media giants – Kantipur and Annapurna Post. Kantipur is all set to prove Nepal Electricity Authority managing director KulmanGhishing being involved in corruption while purchasing Led bulb saving electricity, whereas the Annapurna Post is pleading that there was no hanky-pinky in the purchase of the Led bulb from India as the deal was made at G to G (government to government) level. According to reports produced by Annapurna Post, the government had decided to purchase the Led bulbs from India to save electricity. The price offered by India is also very cheap compared to the price set by the Indian government while selling the very bulbs to different Indian provinces. As there can be acute shortage of electricity during the dry season, NEA had decided to import Led bulbs to avoid load-shedding, Ghishing has clarified. Ghishing’s efforts to end the 16 plus hour load-shedding have been highly appreciated by the Kathmanduites as well as the entire Nepalis. In the meantime, Kantipur daily has tried to defame Ghishing by spreading fake information. To recall, those officials, by taking bribe from those who were making money by imposing load-shedding to the Nepalis might have funded Kantipur daily, say observers. People’s Review takes strong stance against corruption and mal governance but one cannot assassinate the character of any innocent officer who is fighting against those mafias.
Meanwhile, reports are being spreading about a six billion rupees worth commission deal in the purchase of Airbus aircraft by Nepal Airlines. NC president SherbahadurDeuba, his brother-in-law BhushanRana are involved in the commission deal the reports say. Sure, we need to empower (R)NAC, but we should not encourage commission deals. Sources say that Deuba’s relatives are trying to purchase the aircraft by creating an artificial agent and Deuba and his family members are getting about six billion rupees worth commission. NAC managing director SugatRatnaKangsakar is making all efforts to make a success of the deal. According to a source, if one looks at the serial number of the aircraft NAC has wished to purchase, it will become clear about the real price of the aircraft. Why not the CIAA or other government agencies try to find out the real price by just visiting its Website? Be that as it may, corruption or commission should not be encouraged. Yes, we should purchase wide-body Airbus, but Kangshakar and Co should not enjoy the cream.

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