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INGOs organising foreign junkets of court judges

Kathmandu, 13 October: The Supreme Court has expressed commitment for not accepting any foreign aid. In spite of such a commitment, higher level to district level judges are in foreign junket at the invitation of the International Legal Foundation, reports Jana Aastha vernacular weekly.

In Lalitpur, Legal Aid Project is running. Ajayashankar Jha is the programme coordinator of an NGO Encounter Society of Nepal. Under his influence, the judges are in the foreign trip.

It is believed that UNDP is still working in the legal field in the name of rule of law and protection of human rights.

Under this project, UNDP has already spent 2 billion 400 million rupees in the past five years. Presently too, the project is supporting the Court under the citizens’ reach to the court project.

Registrar at the Supreme Court is working as the director of the project. UNDP, different offices under the UN and Norway government have funded on this project. Above 20 officials from inside and outside the court are working in this project. Rolar is found spending upto one million rupees just to develop one social message. The project is involved in foreign junket of the judges, organising training on writing the court verdict, training on drafting laws, etc.

According to the Ministry for Law and Justice, under the eight projects, above 160 million rupees foreign aid has been mobilized in the legal sector.

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