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India’s demand: Deployment of its security at TIA

20150707priority-sought-for-india-to-develop-airports-600x0By Our Reporter
It is not odd that India is trying to deploy her security at the Tribhuwan International Airport. Earlier, when Hishila Yemi was the tourism minister, during that time also, the Indians, by influencing Yemi, had tried to deploy the Indian security personnel at the TIA.
Later, when it was rejected, the Indians, in the name of friendly support, tried to install computers to the immigration desk at TIA with the plan of collecting details about those who passes through the immigration desk.
Now, again, when Bimilendra Nidhi visited Delhi at the capacity of the special envoy of PM Pushpakamal Dahal, the Indian leaders had repeated the same demand of deploying Indian security personnel at the TIA, according to a source at Baluatar. Nidhi is positive on this proposal, said the source.
Whether PM Dahal, during his visit to Delhi next month, will accept this proposal, it has to be seen. In fact, it is learnt that India is ready to provide a huge amount as grant if the Indian interests is fulfilled by Dahal, who is trying to bag Indian support to secure his political future.

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