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If the NC-MC alliance was made 25 years ago

By Our Reporter
Prime Minister Pushpakamal Dahal and NC president Sher Bahadur Deuba had developed an election alliance between NC and MC much earlier than the 14 May local elections. Deuba, while addressing a joint election assembly in Chitwan, said that such an election alliance will continue in the provincial and federal elections also. To note, Deuba is the very prime minister, whose government had fixed a ransom price on the heads of the Maoist leaders. And the Maoists in “people’s war” had killed above 17 thousand innocent Nepalis. Retired Nepal Army General DrPrem Singh Basnyat recalled that during the Maoist insurgency period, he was in the battlefield. Maoists had targeted the NA personnel and Deuba had ordered to bring the heads of the Maoist leaders. He said, both were responsible in serious violation of human rights. Both the leaders have committed serious crimes and violation of human rights, he has alleged. Meanwhile, many Nepalis have expressed their reaction through the social networks saying that this alliance is just to share power by those leaders who had violated human rights in the past.  If Deuba and Dahal had developed such an alliance 25 years ago, they could escape the Maoist insurgency; they could save lives of above 17 thousand people; they could save above 75 thousand people from being injured and disabled and they could save trillions of rupees worth property destroyed in the ten years of insurgency. If such an election alliance was developed during that time, the Nepali people would not have had to wait for 20 years to take part in the local level elections! Of course, it is true!

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