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Hoodwinking to China?

pushpa-columnIt has become very clear that the present Maoist Center and Nepali Congress government was formed to curb the agreements between Nepal and China on mutual cooperation. The previous government led by KP Sharma Oli had signed ten important agreements with China. They include agreements on trade and transportation; import of petro-products from China and Nepal’s participation in the One Belt One Road initiative launched by Chinese President Xi Jinping.
According to Jana Aastha vernacular weekly published last week, Prime Minister Pushpakamal Dahal had tried to hoodwinking China during his recent visit to China. China is all aware about Dahal’s behavior and she has not trusted him totally. China has thus maintained wait and watch policy on Dahal’sattitude towards China, the Weekly has stated. According to the report, Dahal had sent the message to our ambassador LilamaniPoudel that he will be visiting China after endorsing the proposal on Nepal’s participation in OBOR imitative from the cabinet meeting and during his visit, he would give the message to the Chinese leaders that Nepal was going to join the OBOR initiative. With such assurances from PM Dahal, Poudel made hard efforts to arrange Dahal’s meeting with the Chinese President. But Dahal left for China without endorsing the proposal from the cabinet. In Boao, when Poudel met Dahal, he had questioned Dahalabout his visit to China without endorsing the proposal from the cabinet! Dahal had said that he would convince the Chinese leaderships on Nepal’s partnership on OBOR. During the meetings with the Chinese leaderships, Dahal expressed the commitment that before the OBOR Summit in Beijing in May, Nepal would sign the agreement on OBOR and also, Nepal would send a high-level delegation to attend the Summit. Dahal, after his return from China, has not taken any initiative to endorse the proposal from the cabinet. NC’s Sher Bahadur Deuba and also Barshaman Pun in the Maoist Center are against Nepal’s participation in OBOR, therefore, it is difficult for Dahal to endorse the proposal from the cabinet, the Weekly has reported.
Until now, above 50 nations including some important nations in the Europe have already joined the OBOR initiative. India has not liked this project as she believes that through this project, China will intensify her influence in the South Asian region. It is thus understandable that the present India-puppet government is hesitant to join the OBOR initiative. The government has two choices – whether to welcome infrastructural investments for entire development of Nepal or to remain under the Indian umbrella! The first choice will lead us towards economic prosperity followed by strengthening our sovereignty and independence, whereas, the second choice will lead Nepal towards an India protected nation. Having the leadership of such India puppet people – Dahal and Deuba – Nepal is going to be identified as an India protected nation only. Both Dahal and Deuba had joined hands to topple-down the Oli government, which had challenged India. Now, Dahal wants to stick in power with the blessings of India, and thus, he is keen to serve the Indian interests. On the other hand, Deuba wants to become the next prime minister by pleasing the Indians. It is odd to see that both the leaders are on the race of pleasing India just to get the power, even by sacrificing the greater interests of the nation.
In fact, Dahal or Deuba are thinking that they have been able to foolChina but they are deceiving their own nation and all the Nepalis by delaying to accept the Chinese offer!

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