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Has political crisis resolved?

By Our Reporter
After conducting the 14 May local elections the political leaders especially from the Maoist Center and Nepali Congress  have started to say that the local elections has brought the politics in right track from which the ongoing political crisis is going to be ended.
However, some political observers say that the local elections have further deepened the crisis. The Madheshi Front, now the Rastriya Janata Party Nepal, has become furious with the government as it has not been able to respond the Front’s demands. The Front is facing serious crisis as it cannot go to the elections in as-it-is situation, i.e. without amendment of the constitution. PM Pushpakamal Dahal is time and again giving false premise by demonstrating that he has always been positive in amendment of the constitution. This time again Dahal has assured that immediately after resumption of the Parliament, he will initiate efforts to endorse the amendment bill. Nevertheless, considering the structure of the parliament, it is not so easy to amend the constitution.
The Madheshi Front, so far, has become successful to recognize two nation assumptions by holding elections in two phases, first phase in the hilly districts and second phase in the Tarai districts.
Meanwhile, some observers say “what will be the fate of the 14 May elections if the Front will oppose the 14 June elections!” It is sure that even if the government will hold elections forcefully, there is no proper environment for election in 11 districts.
PM Dahal, viewing challenges in holding the second phase local elections, is egger to quit the government saying that he has wished to handover PM’s post to Sher Bahadur Deuba by respecting the gentleman agreement. Can Deuba resolve the Tarai issues, it is not sure.
Yes, Upendra Yadav, by breaking alliance with the Front, has taken part in the local elections and he is in a mood to take part in the second phase elections also. From Yadav’s strategy, the Front leaders have fallen into serious problem.  Yadav may sweep the Tarai elections if the front or RJPN will boycott the elections. Therefore, the Front leaders may launch violent agitation to disturb the 14 June elections, say security observers.

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