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Has PM Dahal betrayed India?

By Our Reporter
The government has already announced the local election date and there are many issues which have to be resolved before the 14 May elections. The major job of the government is to bring the Madheshi Front to participate in the election by responding its demands. By neglecting all these issues at home, Prime Minister PushpakamalDahal left for about a week-long sojourn to China along with his wife and son. Immediately after assuming office, PM Dahal visited India. His foreign minister PrakashsaranMahat visited Delhi half a dozen times. Similarly, his home minister BimalendraNidhi visited Delhi about half-adozen times. In about seven months in his office, PM Dahal didn’t think about visiting China, our next-door neighbour. However, in such a crucial period at home, PM Dahal chose to go to China. Furthermore, PM Dahal had made a special request to the Chinese diplomats for arranging his meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Even until the last hours of the visit date, the meeting with President Xi was not confirmed and Dahal was not certain about attending the Boao Conference as he had said that he would not attend the Boao conference if he will not get the opportunity to meet President Xi. Finally, just two days ahead of the visit date, his meeting with President Xi was confirmed. Indian gesture: His DPM and home minister BimalendraNidhi was in Delhi when PM Dahal decided to go to the Boao conference. Nidhi returned home after his regular political consultations with the Indian leaders in Delhi. Nidhi is learnt to have advised to Dahal for not going to China. His foreign minister Mahat had advised Dahal for going to China only if he would be able to give some significant message. As the Foreign ministry had not done homework for implementation of the past agreements including Nepal’s commitment on OBOR initiative, it was believed that it would be just a courtesy visit as Dahal was in a trip having no agenda and no preparation for signing on any of the agreements. Like in the past, Dahal didn’t consult with the concerned ministries and even he didn’t share ideas with his advisors except from ChakrapaniKhanal, chief political advisor. So far, Dahal was seeking an opportunity to say quietly to the Chinese leaders that he was unable to sign any of the agreements as India doesn’t want it. Nevertheless, he had prepared the mindset to convince the leaders in Beijing that he is loyal to Beijing than to Delhi. Dahal, by forgetting his commitments to Delhi, during his stay in Boao and Beijing, expressed strong commitment on OBOR initiative and also on enhancing Nepal-China ties. Everybody knows that Dahal became the prime minister with the blessings of Delhi, however, considering his show in Beijing, it seems, he wishes to change his loyalty. How costly this could be Dahal’sBoao and Beijing sojourn, it can be evaluated from two angles. First of all, during his absence, ambassador designate Manjeev Singh Puri, according to The Kathmandu Post report, was scheduled to arrive in Kathmandu after a couple of weeks of completing the final formalities in Brussels where he was stationed as the ambassador to the European Union. In spite of such a report, he arrived in Kathmandu earlier. He presented his letter of credence to the President when the PM and also the foreign minister were out of station. If Delhi would not have felt a different situation, Puri could wait for a few days to present his letter of credence. Furthermore, Dahal has visited Beijing at a time when the Indian Prime Minister NarendraModi secured further political strength and also he virtually confirmed the BJP rule for the next tenure as well. Whether Dahal has visited Beijing at the capacity of a prime minister made in India or a prime minister of a sovereign nation; whether Dahal visited Beijing as per the plan developed by Delhi or he has tried to violate the “understood” agreement with Delhi developed prior to his assignment as the PM, that will surface in the near future. Furthermore, Dahal, who is naïve in diplomacy, might have tried to make a fool of both Delhi and Beijing at once, we will see the results of his initiative soon.

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