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Government’s childish behavior

By Our Reporter

How serious are our leaders in completing key infrastructural projects in the course of transforming Nepal into a prosperous nation, is a burning question as all the big rivers having huge potentiality of hydropower generation have already been sold to India and the Indians are occupying these projects. When the Indians will complete these project only God knows.

Our leaders never tried to understand that India is not keen in development of infrastructural projects which would make Nepal a prosperous nation. When the previous government led by PushpakamalDahal decided to handover Budhigandaki reservoir model hydropower project producing 1200 MW Megha project to a Chinese company, people had hoped that Nepal should not import electricity to end load-shedding here.

The then PM PushpakamalDahal was of the view that construction of the 260 billion Megha project was beyond the capacity of Nepal, therefore, Nepal had handover the project to CGGC.

Unfortunately, the present election government, on the eve of provincial and federal parliament elections, even by violating the election code, has scrapped the deal with the Chinese company one-sidedly. The cabinet meeting held on 13 November took the decision to scrap the project. In the meantime, the government has decided to extend the tenure for managing investment fund for two Indian companies GMR and SatlujJalVidut Nigam once again. GMR has done PDA with the Nepal government for constructing the 900 MW Upper Karnali hydropower project and Indian government owned SatlajJalVidut Nigam has done PDA with the government for constructing 900 MW Arun 3 hydropower project. Time and again, the government has extended the tenure for starting construction works. Exactly when these two projects are going to be started, we don’t know.

The Indian intention:

According to noted vernacular weekly Drishti, Indians have always performed ill-intention towards Nepal by creating obstacles in construction of key infrastructural projects such as roads, railway, irrigation, hydropower, airlines etc. by showing her security concern.

The Weekly has alleged that PM Deuba, under the pressure of India, has scrapped the deal with the Chinese company for construction of the Budhigandaki hydropower project.

The government had signed the deal with the China Gezhouba Group Co. Ltd (CGGC), a Chinese government undertaking for construction of the Budhigandaki project. As per the deal, CGGC would manage fund and construct the project under the Nepal government’s bank guarantee. CGGC is a core member of China Energy Engineering Group Co., Ltd., a super central state-owned enterprise. CGGC’s businesses cover the design, construction, investment and operation in water conservancy, hydropower, thermal power, nuclear power, wind power, power transmission and transformation, highways, railways, bridges, municipal works, airports, ports, waterways, industrial and civil buildings, as well as real estate, production of cement and civil explosives, energy engineering, etc. In China, CGGC is one of the most competitive listed companies with very strong financing capabilities. As a transnational operation enterprise with the fastest growth in China, CGGC’s has expanded its business in more than 100 countries and regions, ranking among the foremost 100 in the ENR Top 250 International Contractors. In the past 40 years, CGGC has been dedicated to improving people’s lives and promoting social development via construction and investment. CGGC has contributed over 4,000 outstanding engineering projects including the Three Gorges Project to the world, and been providing the world with robust power, sustainable light, clean water, high-quality life and convenience beyond imagination.

However, in Nepal, some hydropower mafias are projecting CGGC as a black listed company.

Of late, the government had requested the Chinese government to construct the Budhigandaki project under the Belt and Road Initiative programme.

Unfortunately, to please India, the present cabinet has decided to scrap the project by humiliating China. What will be the diplomatic impact of such childish act of the present visionless government, we can assume. In fact, the India-puppet leaders want to keep Nepal a poor country and expanding the Indian domination in all sectors.

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