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Government under the grip of Christian NGO

By Our Reporter
The South Korea-based Universal Peace Federation’s Nepal Chapter is organising a four-day event – Asia Pacific Summit-2018 in Kathmandu from 30 November to 3 December. It is surprising to note, co-organisers of the event are the Government of Nepal and the federal parliament and the coordinator of the event is none other than former prime minister and senior leader of the ruling party, Communist Party of Nepal, Madhav Nepal.
The Universal Peace Federation is a controversial organization campaigning for Christianity.
Eknath Dhakal, former minister and MP is the chief of the Nepal Chapter of the Federation. He is found to be manipulating the Nepali political leaders and MPs by organizing foreign junkets with attractive perks as daily travel allowance for them. Dhakal is working as the agent for transforming the Nepali Hindus into Christians.
Dhakal believes money is everything in Nepal and he has been able to make the government as well as the federal parliament as the co-host of the programme.
This is an example of how the Christianity campaigners are working in the country and how the government and parliament have been manipulated by such organizations!.

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