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Government fails to deliver

By Our Reporter
It has been nine months since the present powerful government led by powerful chairman K P Sharma Oli of the Communist Party Of Nepal (CPN) that won a nearly two-thirds majority in the House of Representatives assumed its office. However, the people have been unable to feel the presence of the powerful government as it has utterly failed to deliver in the last nine months.
Except for the clean roads in the valley for the past one month no visible change could be seen. Instead, the government seems to be indulging only in firing, appointing and reappointing the officials in many offices.
One can realise who is the anarchy dominating in many of the government entities like the Ministry of Health, Nepal Airlines, Nepal Telecom and the Gorkhapatra Sansthan. The government has either failed to appoint clean men or create a working environment for the government elected chiefs.
The government removed the chief of the NTC a few months ago, and recently reappointed the same person.
Similarly, the NAC marred by corrupt practices recently announced that the national flag carrier was going to turned into a bankrupt company if the government did not support it. It was said that misuse of huge amount of money in purchasing the aircraft from controversial companies ruined the financial health of NAC. But the government has not interfered it and dared to punish the corrupt officials.
Similarly, the row between the minister and secretary has spoiled the environment in the health ministry while two executive chiefs—executive chairman appointed by the present government and the general manager appointed by the previous Deuba-led government are working at the Gorkhaptra Sansthan. Although the government sacked general manger Bashant Prakash Upadyaya for embezzling money while purchasing paper, the court reinstated him. The working environment has been spoiled in the Gorkhapatra Sansthan that published two official dailies, Gorkhapatra and The Rising Nepal as the Minister for Communication and Technology failed to resolve the crisis.
If the row is not resolved soon, the Sansthan will not be able to publish the two dailies in lack of paper in two months, said an officer of the Sansthan in condition of anonymity.
According to him, all documents relating to tender for purchasing paper are in the control of General Manager Upadhyaya who has closed his office room and taken its keys with him.
Similarly, the government though announced that it ended syndicate in transportation sector and took action against the contractors, has failed to control syndicate and book the contractors who held the big projects.
Black-marketing is there where corruption has become too common in government offices.
Moreover, the government has miserably failed to send the civil servants to provinces and local bodies whereas it has not yet prepared necessary laws required to man the provinces.
The Chief Ministers have already started expressing their ire against the inability of the government in formulating required laws and designating employees including the police.

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