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Government developing grounds for Indian investment in agriculture

By Our Reporter
The government has tabled a bill on foreign direct investment in the name of attracting foreign direct investment. If the bill will be endorsed by the federal parliament, multinational companies will get permission to invest in agricultural field in Nepal.
This plan of the so-called nationalist government is to pave the way for Indian giants Amul and Patanjali to invest in dairy field in Nepal by replacing Nepali farmers doing dairy business. This is the plan to handover Nepali agriculture sector to the Indians.
PM Oli, during his visit to Delhi last time, had given assurance to the Indians for introducing Indian investment friendly law to bring Indian investment in agriculture sector. After Oli’s return from Delhi, minister Chakrapani Khanal was continuously facing pressure from the PMO to develop India friendly law.
In the agreement signed between Nepal and India during the PM’s visit, there is a point which states cooperation in agricultural field. This point is related to bringing Amul and Patanjali in Nepal.
If Amul and Patanjali will come with their huge investment, small farmers in dairy farming in the country cannot compete with the Indian investment.

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