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Government attorneys boycott court

By Our Correspondent
The district attorneys and those working at the office of the Attorney General have started boycotting the court to protest against the appointments of the 80 judges in the high courts. Even Attorney General Raman Shrestha has supported the protest that began from Sunday.
The Judicial Council had last week appointed judges in the vacant 80 posts of the seven High Courts. However, the appointment made in the midnight in the absence of two of the five members of the Council was dragged into controversies as 27 of the judges who represented the Nepal Bar Association were appointed on the basis of their political leaning.
Senior Justices Vaidhyanath Upadhyaya and Ram Prasad Sitaula  were not present in the meeting chaired by Chief Justice Sushila Karki. Other present in the meeting were Justice Padam Prasad Baidik and Law Minister Ajay Shankar Nayak. Barshaman Pun, the Maoist leader, was present in the meeting to give the list of the judges.
Of course, as in other institutes like Tribhuvan University the judges were appointed on the basis of spoil share (bhagbhanda) among the three major parties. People in general and the media have criticised the appointment of party activists in the posts of judges.
Now the government lawyers have themselves protested the appointment. The protest from the government lawyers is likely to affect the works of the courts for days as the attorneys have to defend a lawsuit on behalf of the government.
The civil servants’ trade unions (of the government lawyers) have also joined the protests of the attorneys demanding that the JC should correct the appointment. However, their demands are not likely to be met as all the newly appointed judges have already taken oath of office.
The protest of the lawyers is sure to make the relations of the judges and lawyers sour.
As the Government lawyers boycotted hearings at Supreme Court and other courts across the country on Sunday, hearing process in many courts was affected.
Government lawyers and four trade unions including authorised Trade Union of Civil Service Employees, Nepal Civil Service Employee’s Association, Nepal Civil Service Employees Union and National Employees Organisation Nepal took to the streets, demanding correction to the appointment.
Acting Chairman  of the Government Lawyers’ Society, Narayan Poudel, said government lawyers stayed away during the hearings at courts across the country in protest of appointment of 80 judges.

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