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Former Nava Yubraj’ssacred thread ceremony: 3000 guests expected

By Our Reporter
_KT_3328-30032017110008-600x0An auspicious sacred thread ceremony of former Nava YubrajHridayendraBirBikram Shah was held amidst a ritual function last week at NirmalNiwas, former King Gyanendra’s private residence.
To mark the special occasion, former King Gyanendra has thrown a lavish party at the Soaltee Hotel this afternoon. According to a source at NirmalNiwas, above three thousand guests are invited for lunch. The gusts include President VidyaBhandary, Vice President Nanda Bahadur Pun, Prime Minister PushpakamalDahal, ministers in the present cabinet, central level leaders of the political parties, including Mohan Vaidya, NetraBahadur Chand “Biplav”, among others.
Some political analysts observe that as the former King who is giving stress on greater patriotic alliance to save the nation, might have taken this opportunity to develop such a scenario.
Likewise, some others have speculated that by inviting such a large number of political leaders, he has given the message for ending politics of rejection.

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