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Former King’s statement scares PM, encourages patriotic forces

By Our Reporter
Former King Gyanendra’s statement, which he issued on December 21 stating that Nepal’s national unity is under attack and its people must act to save it, has stirred up a hornets’ nest in the political circle of the country. Unlike in the past, the former King did not choose a special occasion to issue his statement with a clear political message, but it worked as a bombshell for the leaders of the two big ruling parties.  It was the most critical political comments made by the former king in eight years after he was dethroned.
“Social goodwill among Nepali people is being erased and relentless efforts are being made to break the feeling of unity between Tarai, hills and Himal (mountains),” the former king said in the statement terming the situation intolerable.”
Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal seems to be scared most by the statement while Deputy Prime Minister Bimalendra Nidhi has expressed his anger against the King for his statement which has reflected the true sentiment of public.
As a citizen, the former King has every right to enjoy his freedom of expression but Prime Minister Dahal and DPM and Home Minister Nidhi presented themselves in such a way that the former king had no right to issue the statement.  Moreover, PM Dahal threatened the former king that an investigation into the 2001 massacre of royal palace was essential.  PM Dahal demanded what the former king has been demanding for years.  But his threat resulted to be counterproductive with public, in the social sites, raising the killing of 17,000 people by the Maoists during the violence led by Dahal. Maoist leader Barsha Man Pun also warned of taking action against the former king if the latter continues to issue statement.
Criticism of the former king’s statement from the leaders of the ruling parties has turned counterproductive for the leaders themselves as the people in social sites have supported the king’s statement.
The king in his statement has accused the political parties of trying to weaken the nation and erase the national pride by misusing sentiments of words like revolutionary, change-making and sacrificing. He further said that these activities are not only unceremonious but also intolerable.
“The foundations of the nation plagued by the politics of boycott and revenge can be strong in no way,” he further said, “The works carried out to fulfill specific vested interests by soiling the history cannot be appreciable.”
He also pointed out the need for protecting languages, religions, cultures, histories and faiths, and reminded that the permanent sources of power are the nation and its people.
The former king has clearly expressed his unhappiness over the latest political developments, which have put the sovereignty and national integrity at risk.
Rounding on feuding politicians, Gyanendra said the people, the “supreme and permanent source of power”, were being undermined by political parties under the “unfair influence of outside forces”.
He has also called one and all to “bear the serious responsibility assigned by the history to protect the nation and hand over its integrated existence to their children.”
Although the former king’s statement came as a pinch for the political parties who tend to work in the guidance of the foreign forces, it has encouraged the patriotic forces.
Interestingly, the former king made the statement a few days after he returned home from Beijing. The PM and the parties of the ruling parties have been suspecting whether the former king was trying to regain his lost throne in the support of India and China, the close neighbours which have also been fed up with the untrusting Nepalese leaders.
These leaders who have been working at the influence of the foreign forces seem to have ignored the fact that the Nepalese people have come to know the truth behind the unlawful abolition of monarchy and declaration of secular state. Fed up with the activities of the corrupt leaders, the Nepalese people are gradually backing the former king, which has scared the leaders.
Even the media have blamed the political parties, especially PM Dahal for providing a ground for the king to issue the statement. The Sanghu weekly, believed to be close to the CPN-UML, wrote that the comments in favour of the statement  on social sites outnumbered the criticism by manifolds.
The king’s statement was published by both local and international newspapers and news portals with high importance.   The hue and cry made by the incompetent and corrupt leaders against the statement remained under shadow as the people have already stopped believing the power-hungry leaders and their words.

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