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Former King’s contemporary remarks

By PR Pradhan

pushpa-columnFormer King GyanendraBirBikram Shah Dev has once again made strong remarks on the ongoing political situation in the country by drawing public attention.
In a brief remarks to the press after receiving Tika from his younger sister SobhaRajyaLaxmion the occasion of BhaiTika on 21 October, the former King has remarked that the country seems lacking leadership, thus, if all have felt the same, he is ready to take responsibility and leadership once again.
As a responsible citizen, it is natural to take concern about the problems of the country, the former King said and remarked that the time has come to take the leadership role by him.
Presently, we are searching smell in artificial flowers by discarding smell of natural flowers, said the former King.
The former King concluded his brief remarks saying that if all will have the same wish, he is ready to take responsibility and play the leadership role.
Indicating towards possible reactions that he wanted to become active again, the former King said that this is not the issue of becoming active or inactive but this is demanded by the country’s situation and time.
Finally, the former King said that the Day [BhaiTika] is the Day for staying with the family and urged the citizens to listen to his remarks seriously.
The formal King’s remarks became viral in the social media immediately. The former King has spoken the mindset of the majority of the people whose voice has been suppressed by partisan politics. The former King has given a wake-up call to his citizens to raise their voice against the present abnormalities witnessed in politics, from which, day by day the country is falling into serious crisis. Political leaders are severely involved in loottantra in the name of “loktantra”. Political leaders are violating law and order situation by defining it on their own interests; economically, the country has been ruined very seriously; the constitution has tried to remove our glorious history, culture, religion and ultimately existence of the nation; the leaders have imposed foreign agendas which is going to destroy our glorious history. Although the leaders are saying that the upcoming elections will fully restore the constitution and bring political stability and prosperity, this does not seem possible.One cannot trust on the leaders of the day as they are dancing to the foreign tunes.
Indeed there is lack of visionary leadership and the former King, by viewing worsening scenario of the motherland, has alerted the Nepali people to wake up and support him. The former King’s message is that if the people will have strong desire, he would take the responsibility to lead the country.

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