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Foreign agents

None other than the responsible leaders are being alleged as being agents of India and the West!
At the presence of the Prime Minister, DPM and Home Minister BimilendraNidh alleged former DPM and Defence Minister BhimRawal as being a Western agent. In reaction, Rawal alleged Nidhi as being an Indian agent. Both of them claimed that they have necessary evidence to prove each other as the agent of a foreign country. When this is the situation of the responsible political leaders, who are the people serving honestly to the nation?
Not surprising, Nidhi is trying to prove himself as an agent of India by lauding on behalf of India on the Kathmandu-Nijgadh fast Track Road Project. Nidhi and NC president SherBahadurDeuba are of the view that the Fast Track Project should be rewarded to the Indians even by facing loss worth trillions of rupees by the Nepal government. Understandably, this is the time to see who is the agent of which country!

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