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Federal, provincial polls on November 26

By Our Reporter
The government has set both the federal and provincial elections for November 26.
A cabinet meeting on Monday decided to hold both the federal and provincial polls on a single date of November 26.
The Election Commission too showed its readiness to hold both the polls on the single date fixed by the government.
According to the constitution, the bicameral federal parliament will have 275 members in the House of Representatives and the Upper House will have 59 members. Of the 275 lawmakers of the House of Representatives 165 will be elected under the first-past-the-post electoral system and remaining 110 under the proportional representative ((PR) system.
Likewise, there will be 580 members in the seven provincial parliaments. Of them 330 will be elected under the FPTP system and 220 under the PR system.
Altogether 825 members of the federal and provincial parliament will be elected on November 26. The election of the Upper House will be held better as its election could be conducted only after holding the local and provincial polls.
However, the constituencies for both the federal and provincial polls are yet to be delineated. Moreover, the headquarters of the provinces are not yet fixed. As such, counting of votes of the provincial polls can be problematic.
However, if the Rastriya Janata Party-Nepal accepts the rejection of the constitution amendment bill and takes parts in the polls, the elections on November 26 will be possible, paving the way for the effective implementation of the constitution.
Earlier, the Election Commission and the major parties had agreed to hold the provincial and federal elections by November 23.

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