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Each and every leader has been accused of being pro this or that nation

Haribol-Gajurel-Asar-15-1Q. It looks like the Naya Shakti party does not have any principle. Is it a fusion between socialism and capitalism?
Ans: Tthis party is not without principle. People may feel that it is without principle because this party has been introduced recently. This is definitely a fusion between socialism, capitalism and communism. This party should be taken as an alternate political powerhouse and economic prorperityogress. There are only two types of party in Nepal. The RastryaPrajatantra party is a principle less party and the Nepali Congress party is the only dDemocratic pParty but the Nepali Congress was not democratic in its behaviour. On the other had the Communist party paid oral tribute but could not bring about the economic revolution. Therefore Naya Shakti party has come as an alternate party to bring about an economic prosperity gress in the country and bring about other progressive changes. The Naya Shakti party is therefore progressive dDemocratic pParty which is neither left nor right.

Q. Is this party a leftist republican party?
Ans: People have been using the terms left and republic as synonyms but our party is a new party. We willdrefine our party’sies name and principle accordingly.
Q. What is Principle of your party and cCan a party run without a concrete principle?
Ans: Our principle is progressive democracy.

Q. Are you trying to follow the Panchayat model introduced by King Mahendra?
Ans: We cannot follow King Mahendra’sPanchayat model. Our aim is to show the so-called democrats and communist by being an example and a progressive power.

Q. There is an accusation that the captain organizer of your party Dr.BaburamBhattrai is a pro-Indian leader and was forced to make this new party after he was no more of use in the Maoist Ccenter.
Ans: People make all kind of accusations. Please tell me which Nepali leader is not influenced by foreigners. Each and every leader has been accused of being pro this or that nation. Bhattaraiaburam left the Maoist partynot because the party was not suitable for him but because 30 years ago heBaburam had written a thesis stating that we can develop our country and this country a progressive and an advanced one. It is important for everyone to understand that Dr.Baburam is not pro any other country, and I consider him to be a visionary.

Q. The party’s ies’ declaration ceremony seemed to be very expensive. What is the source of your party’sies’ income?
Ans: We do not have any source. Many people came just like that thinking that this would be a new power house. Many of the media houses gave free broadcasting service. All our well-wishers came on their own expenses and are selflessly for this party believing that this party is the right party for the nation.

Q. Yyou were a leader of the Nepali Congress. Why did you quit leave the party?
Ans: I have not left the Congress but just changed my position and wherever I go that place isCcongress. I have changed myself and joined the Naya Shakti party and have not left the Congress. The sacrifices and hard-works in the past werewas for the nation and nmot for me or my family. I will keep on working for the nation according to my ability and qualification in this party also.

Q. You were the Chairman of Okhaldhunga district while you were in the Ccongress party. How are you feeling right now being the co-captain organiser of this Naya Shakti Party?
Ans: It is but natural to feel happy when one goes from a small place to a big place and from a lower post to a higher post. The main issue is that the country is looking for a state’s man statesman and I feel that Dr.,BaburamBhattrai who I know from a long time is the person. We were the ones who established the human tights union in 2044 B.S. Even at that time we had liked each other’s vision and we had the same goalaim. We felt that we could fulfil this vision, thus, and so contacted each other and so I joined the party as the joint coordinator am the co-organiser of this party.

Q. Yyou helold the post of a district chief organiser and now you have become the joint coordinatoren made the co-organiser of this partyat the central level as well. Will you sacrifice your position of the district chairman of the Nepali Congressdistrict organizers post?
AAns: Wwe are in the technical era of the 21 century and we do not have to walk for months to organize a party like in the past. Capable and qualified person can work in many places. A person can hold upto seven posts in a party and I hold only two posts. I do not have to work for 24 hours as the central jointco-coordinator organiser and it is the same in the district as well. May be I was not a good Ccongress party member or a leader at the district level. Now my job is to tell all my friends about the Nayanew Shakti Party and organize district level unions. Therefore, holding two posts is not much of a burden to me.

Q. Aat present there are three co-coordinattorsorganisers in your party. Is there a tussle regarding the hierarchy?
Ans: A post does not have any seniority nor is it related with closeness to a person but is only related to performance. If one looks at in the chronological order then RamchandraJha became co-coordinator organiser before me and I have nothing to say if he is made senor chronically. If one looks at capability, qualification and age then I should be the senior most. If one looks it from the gender angle Durga Sup who is a female and a co-coordinator organiser could be made the senior most and I again have nothing to say. But the crux of the matter is in performance. We all are in this post and there is both opportunity and obstacles in this post. We have the opportunity but it is difficult to get through the obstacles. Therefore, the one who can go through these difficulties is the senior most.

Q. The chairman of your party played a vital role in the promulgation of the 2072 constitution of Nepal. Will this constitution be implemented?
Ans: The constitution will be implemented and we ate the ones who will implement it. Bhattaraiaburam will never go against the implementation of the constitution. We all are in this party because we think BhattaraiBaburam’s work is for the good of the nation and we will implement the constitution.

Q. there is a group of Tarai-centric pro Madeshi parties who opposes the constitution. In this regard, hHow will you implement the constitution?
Ans: Some parties are agitating right now and in fact their demands have not been addressed. We are working on how to address the demands of the Madeshis and the Tharus and we will see to it that they will be addressed.

Q. Do you have anything to say at the end?
Ans: At the end I would like to say that the country is looking for a wayout. The nation is looking for whole some, liberal economic and political way out. The only party that can give this way out to the nation is the Naya Shakti party as this party consists of brilliant, talented scholars and clean people. Therefore, this is the only party that will work for the nation and the people. I would therefore request everyone to join this party.

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