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Dr KC launches another round of sit-in protest

kcBy Our Reporter
DrGovind KC has staged another round of hunger strike demanding that chairman of the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority Lokman Singh Karki should be impeached. Dr KC who has been demanding to free the country’s medical education sector from the hands of mafias for years has seen CIAA chair as the main culprit for the malpractices in the health sectors.
Interestingly, Dr KC this time chose to stage the sit-in when the police had managed to arrest 36 doctors having fake certificates. The arrests has proved that Dr KC was right to claim that the medical colleges were only earning money as the arrest proved that even the students with poor education background were allowed to obtain MBBS courses in the Nepalese colleges by paying high amount of money.
However, the ongoing sit-in of KC has dragged CIAA chief Karki into controversy after he was accused of allowing toflourish malpractices by supporting the activities of the controversial Novel Medical College operated by Karki’s brother.
Recent news reports showed that CIAA was making unnecessary interferences on the medical colleges while fixing their student quotas and holding the entrance examinations. CIAA’s Karki was blamed for the unlawful increase in the quotas of students in many medical colleges including the Novel Medical College of his brother.
If the public supports Dr KC as in the past, the parliament will be compelled to agree with KC’s demand. Leaders of ruling UML are also not happy with Karki when a number of UML leaders were on Karki’s target. Moreover, the arrest of Kanak Mani Dixit, who is loyal to UML, has further raged the UML leaders while the youth leaders of NC are also likely to exert pressure on the party leadership to meet Dr KC’s demand.
CIAA has already expressed its concerns over KC’s demand. However, the CIAA is likely to be helpless before the morally powerful Dr KC. It seems Dr KC, whose demands were met in the past (though none of them were implemented fully), will not end his strike unless Karki is ousted through impeachment. Anyway, CIAA’s chief will find himself at odd situation with the lengthening strike of Dr KC.

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