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Dr. Govinda KC vs Chief Justice, who will win?

By Our Reporter
The row between Dr Govinda KC and Chief Justice Gopal Parajuli continues even the former was released by the SC without bail. Although it will be too early to forecast the winner of the clash, CJ Justice Parajuli is likely to be ultimate loser as the ‘gorilla’ style arrest of KC in the night has already drawn CJ Parajuli to controversy. Again, in all his fights, KC had emerged victorious.
Obviously, the arrest has dragged the CJ into controversy, and people will judge every verdict of the CJ with suspicious eyes, which will ultimately erode the image of the entire judiciary system. Because of this very reason, many people have sought resignation of the CJ.
Besides, the media that backed Dr KC would explore news relating to the controversial verdicts issued by Parajuli while working as a justice at the appellate and the Supreme Court. His academic qualifications and citizenship certificates have already in controversy, and Dr KC demanded that they should be judged, which the SC also agreed to do.
Govinda KC has been fighting for reform in the country’s health education sector since 2011 staging several rounds of hunger strike. He ended all his hunger strikes by inking agreement with the government with the latter agreeing to meet his demands. But once KC ended his strike, efforts were made to foil the agreements. This time, he had staged his 14th round of strike when the Supreme Court issued order to reinstate Dr Shashi Sharma as he Dean of Tribhuvan University Institute of Medicine, accusing Chief Justice Gopal Parajuli of being corrupt and colluding with the ‘mafia’. KC has been terming the operators of the medical colleges as mafia since long.
Now Dr KC has termed CJ Parajuli as a mafia for supporting the mafia.
“Our judiciary does not provide us justice, but buys and sells it. It is under the control of a gang which partners with corrupts and criminals, protects them, but punishes honest ones,” he said while announcing his 14th hunger strike. “Now, we do not have any option to fighting against corrupt and mafia Chief Justice Gopal Parajuli to save the dignity of judiciary.”
Sharma who was forced to quit due to KC, was reinstated just four days before his four-year term was to expire.
When KC announced his strike demanding Parajuli’s resignation, he was arrested from the spot of his hunger strike on charge of contempt of court. But his arrest backfired with people taking to the street against the arrest. Even Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba, who is also looking after the portfolio of Home Ministry, expressed his unhappiness over the arrest.
Ultimately, a division bench of SC justices Purushottam Bhandari and Bam Kumar Shrestha issued the order freeing Dr KC.
The court order has stated that it would enquire with the District Administration Office regarding the controversy over Chief Justice Gopal Parajuli’s citizenship and consult with judicial council regarding his certificates.
However, KC reiterated his demand for CJ Parajuli’s resignation while recording his statement in the court and even after his release. Though he ended his strike, he had said that he would stage another strike if Parajuli did not step down.
Indeed, CJ Parajuli seemed to have committed a blunder by misusing his authority by arresting KC on charge of contempt of court when SC had not taken any step when the court was openly challenged in the past.

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