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Discoursed Nepal

By PR Pradhan

pushpa-columnToday is the birth anniversary of King Prithivi Narayan Shah the Great, the founder of modern Nepal. After integration of Nepal, the Great King, in his Divine Counsels had stated, “Now Nepal is the real Hindusthan”. Christians had invaded India, the holy Hindu soil, thus, King Prithivi Narayan Shah had felt glory from saving glorious Hindu land by integrating modern Nepal. When the King saw Christian invasion in India, to save the holy Hindu land, he launched a unification campaign and created mighty Nepal. The King, after conquering Kathmandu Valley, had ousted some Christians who had entered in the Valley to launch Christianity campaign. The history recalls that the King had fought the war to save Nepali identity. Nepal’s flag is different from the flags of other countries. Our flag is known as the Vedic flag. On the whole, evidences say that Nepal’s original identity is a Hindu nation.
Nepal had become a target of the Christians since Nepal’s unification. Nevertheless, the Nepali kings had saved and kept Nepal a sovereign and independent nation having its own identity. The Christians were thus in the mission of declaring Nepal a secular nation by removing the only Hindu kingdom identity in the globe. In their continuous efforts, by hook and crook, the Christians became successful to remove the country’s Hindu identity by declaring Nepal a secular nation. We see some faces in today’s Nepali political arena, who feel pride in declaring Nepal a secular nation, in fact, they are the real traitors as they have sold their souls for several hundred thousand Euros.
Christians are mushrooming in Nepal since the country was declared a federal secular republic. In fact, the present political structure of federalism, secularism and republicanism is the gift of the Europeans which don’t match our society. After spending a decade or so, the nation received a constitution and the leaders say that by conducting elections of House of Representatives and province parliaments, the constitution has been fully implemented. The fact is that even after the election the House of Representatives is yet to be constituted. Only after the election of the National Assembly, HoR is going to be constituted. According to the constitution, HoR should be in function by 21 January, 2018. But what will happen if HoR will not be constituted by 21 January, everybody is silent. According to the constitution, the present government had to identify temporary capital of the seven provinces. Due to the ongoing agitations in different cities with the local people demanding to recognize their cities as the provincial capital, the government has decided not to recognize temporary capital of the provinces. The government is thinking of assigning province chiefs and administrating oath of office of the province parliaments in Kathmandu — perhaps in hotels or party palaces! Perhaps, the province parliaments’ sessions will also be conducted in these party palaces! It would be interesting to see how the province parliaments will recognize province capitals by satisfying local agitators! May be, this could be the best example of federalism.
It has already been more than six months since election of the local bodies, still, the local bodies have not been able to function due to lack of staff. Instead of spending on priority projects, the people’s representatives are found spending budget in purchase of vehicles which has increased expenses on petro-products. Political leaders who believe Singha Durwar has now reached in every village, surely, corruption that existed in Singha Durwar has now expanded to the villages. We had thought that after election of the local bodies, the local people would benefit in every aspect but people are dying due to lack of warm clothes after suffering from the present cold wave. Should we define it as people’s fundamental rights to live?
The system of proportional election was introduced for representation of deprived people in the society. This system has become a major hurdle for political stability. Now, even the leaders from the big parties have started to say that this system will not allow a single party to bag majority.
To conclude, this system has been imposed on us by the Europeans not for betterment of Nepal and the Nepalis but for destroying this beautiful nation. Therefore, we must dump this system earliest as possible before it will be too late to rescue ourselves and our nation.
We spent above one decade of “loktantra” by removing all our traditional values and we achieved nothing better. Therefore, to return to the Prithivi-path is the only option left for us.

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