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Dasain is Here

Dasain comes with a bang this year with the near consensual realization that the nation has been set adrift by a system that has lost control of any vestige of government. The most expensive festival system in history is hardly explained away by the falling of Nepali rupee value and the hiking of mundane prices of sugar or the bus ticket by seemingly deliberate government tampering. The popular desperation is steeped in the realization that we have been deliberately maneuvered into a vortex of swirling international concerns that leaves even petty market controls and law and order situations beyond our reach. It leaves the layman on the street explaining away the shambles with theories of how our politicians must assuage big-time middlemen to tinker policies that keep the market at their bidding with even simple commodities falling prey to lobbies that must wreak profit at the expense of us the increasingly impoverished population. Festival times are ripe for the picker as spending is highest. Dashain, as our divisive politics finally concedes, is a Nepali festival and not just a Hindu one. It is that one time of the year where the total population indulges- beg, borrow or steal- in spending. The time is ripe for the picking. Popular consensus this round is that government is not merely a casual standby – or it is actually exacerbating the situation.
And, so, the public seething looks askance at K.P. Oli and his government muddling over how someone such as a prime minister with so much sacrifice for public office, so much experience and such demonstrated determination as that during his last tenure which endured the India induced blockade and with the widely claimed strongest elected numbers in democratic Nepali history could be so inept. And, then, the consensus is emerging that all this ham-handedness is because of ‘foreign powers’ who are now coalescing with Oli’s rivals in government, the party and outside to bring him down. How the price situation connects with what his party’s other Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has to say or what his other comrades Madhav Nepal or Jhalanath or even junior colleagues are saying is a mystery all its own. But these utterances seem to conveniently link foreign tampering with politics and the economy together to put Oli on the dock for a population aware that outsourced Nepali politics functions in strange manners to destabilize and wreak change in Nepal. Indeed, it is as if the shenanigans of our foreign funded political leaders must be hinting at heralding change and the hint comes with a wee bit of popular hope that the change is now systemic and not just that for government seats. There is no doubt in the eyes of many a knowledgeable that change is overly due. While there are many who hold the prime minister suspect for failing the system he so enthusiastically thrust upon the Nepali people, there are others who advocate the evident incapacity to perform as systemic encouraging them to hope that it is not just Oli but the system that must be thrown out. Whatever, Dasain has come this year. Let truth Prevail. It is the most expensive Dasain perhaps, Happy Dasain nevertheless.

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