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Critical scenario

pushpa-columnThe leaders of the major three parties claim that above 90 percent of the people’s representatives had endorsed the present constitution, commoners have not been able to take ownership on the constitution. Although the very leaders are saying that this is the first time in the history of the country that the Nepali people have written this constitution, commoners are not ready to accept it. Today, the constitution is in dilemma as external forces are fighting against each other as per their vested interests. The Western countries want to implement the constitution at any cost, whereas, India has not yet recognized this constitution. Federal, secular and republic were the agendas of the Westerners, who are thus trying to implement the constitution without any delay. This force wants political parties to go for elections without amendment of the constitution, in the meantime, Indians want amendment of the constitution by securing their vested interests. In this war between the two powers, we are facing serious threat of survival of this historical nation. Our foreign puppet leaders are divided into two sides. One section of them is pleading for amendment of the constitution, whereas, another section isadvocating for elections at any cost. Unfortunately, the leaders are silent on whether the amendment of the constitution will solve all the political problemsor whether the elections will resolve all the burning problems! Of course not as both the agendas are guided by vested foreign interests and these agendas are not accepted by the Nepali people.
More seriously, a small group of people are campaigning for separation of this historic nation. Both the Westerners and also the Indians are playing with this agenda with the plan of prolonging instability and destabilizing this beautiful and naturally prosperous country. Indians are eying on our water, whereas Westerners are eying on finishing our culture, religion and identity by replacing them with Christianity.In Africa, the white-skin people came with Bible and occupied the land of the African people with Bible. The very formula is being initiated by the Westerners in Nepal. Similarly, the Indians are trying to separate our hill districts from the Tarai districts with the plan of developing the separated Tarai districts as a separate nation state at the first stage and annexation of this new national state to India in the long run. The vested interests is that India wants to secure source of water in all our rivers including big three rivers – Koshi, Gandaki and Karnali. These are the open secrets among the Nepalis and leaders of the day are keen to serve these vested foreign interests. If the demands forwarded by the Madheshi leaders are viewed, none of the demands is in the interests of the real Tarai people. Separation of theTarai districts from hill districts is not economically viable as the Tarai districts lack natural resources. The other demand of making Hindi as the official language is a design to finish our original and rich Maithali, Bhojpuri, Abadh and other mother languages. Similarly, total right to a naturalized citizen is a serious design to bring the real Tarai people into minority.This is not a new plan of the Indians but the decades old design developed by the then prime minister Indira Gandhi.
Our political leaders, although, they claim their belief on democracy, in practice, they are autocrats as they are always afraid of election. When political parties failed to hold timely elections, thethen king Gyanendra had assumed executive power along with some commitments that he wanted to bring the derailed democracy on track; he had assumed executive power just for three years and he had expressed the commitment that he would hand over power to political parties having fresh mandate. Political parties were unable to wait for three years but fell into the Indian design resultingthe 12-point agreement that was endorsed in Delhi. The then King, so far, had been able to conduct local body elections in spite of very adverse situation, although, he was alleged for being an anti-democrat.
After the 12-point Delhi agreement, the SPAM (seven parties plus Maoist) launched joint armed (but said to be peaceful) uprisingdirectly sponsored by the Indians. After the 2006 April uprising, the country witnessed Tarai unrest in 2007. This unrest, sponsored by the Indians, introduced the agenda of federalism. The very leaders endorsed an agreement with the Madheshis in agitation by ensuring Madhesh province with total autonomy. They did so just to stick on to power.The major three parties – NC, UML and Maoist – committed serious blunder by inking the agreement with the Madheshi agitators. In this regard, they are to be blamed for creating the present mess. Now-a-days, the Madheshi leaders are even giving warning that if their demands are not fulfilled, they would move for a separate Madhesh nation. Of course, the ultimate plan of those Madheshi leaders is to create a separate nation by splitting the Tarai districts from hill districts.
Meanwhile, UML leader BhimRawal has disclosed that those people involved in separatist movement had held a meeting in Patna recently. They have planned to launch separatist movement in Nepal. Meanwhile, a group headed by CK Raut is openly organizing mass meetings in Tarai districts demanding a separate Madhesh nation. These are very serious issues. It is very unfortunate that the present government has not taken any action against those who are involved in separatist movement. Although the government is well aware about this movement, the government leaderships are reluctant in taking action against the separatists.  Today, this group is very small but anytime in future, it may go beyond the control of our security organs.
Former King Gyanendra might have also been aware about such threats, therefore, he has described the gloomy picture of the motherland in his message issued on the occasion of the birth anniversary of King Prithivi Narayan Shah the Great. He had also urged for unification among the patriotic forces to fail rampant foreign intervention. One should not take the quest of the former King lightly.
The nation has become very weak. If we love our motherland, all the patriotic forces have to be united to make foreign designs unsuccessful. If delayed in doing so, it will be unfortunate.

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