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Criteria to become an ambassador

The government has recommended Dawa Futi Sherpa’s name as the ambassador to Spain. Sherpa, 34, is an unmarried daughter of first Nepali Mt. Everest climber Pashang Lhamu Sherpa and neice of Aangkchering Sherpa who died recently. Sherpa died in a helicopter accident along with tourism minister Rabindra Adhikari. The Sherpa family has good relations with PM Oli and the family has allowed the building under the family in Dhumbaharai to run the CPN party’s headquarters.
Accordingly, Mahesh Dahal’s name has been recommended for the ambassadorship of Australia. Party co-chairman Pushpakamal Dahal had recommended the name of Mahesh who has no contribution in the party and he is a former NC leader who joined the CPN in the recent past. The secret is that he is cousin of Pushpakamal Dahal and thus he is rewarded for discarding many party workers who had sacrificed a lot for the party.
All the four selected names are from outside of the foreign ministry and under the influence of money power and relations with the leaders, they were selected. Good selection!

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