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Corruption synonymous of “loktantra”!

By Our Reporter

Corruption has become synonymous of the present day “loktantra” as those corrupt people are getting impunity.
According to a report appeared in <hamro economy.com> CMC, an Italian construction company, which is involved in the construction of the Melamchi drinking water project, it had to offer 50 million rupees as commission to the minister against receiving payment worth 300 million rupees from the government.
Again, when minister Bina Magar, daughter-in-law of CPN co-chairman Pushpakamal Dahal, demanded 50 million rupees against payment of the bill produced by the construction company, the company decided to stop the construction works.
To note, the construction company returned home without completing the project at the last hours. The company had already completed 93 percent works of the project.
When GhanashyamBhattarai was the project chief, CMC had paid 50 million rupees as commission to the project chief against receiving payment from the project.
According to sources, without providing commission, payment will not be released from the project.
This time when project chief Surya Kandel and secretary Gajendra Thakur demanded commission against the payment to the construction company, the company, sending a letter to the project, has scrapped the contract one-sidedly.
This time, the construction company had demanded to release 350 million rupees against completion of the project work. When the project, by hiding the agreement letter, started to bargain with the construction company for commission, the company decided t stop work.
CRC was also a sufferer:
Earlier to CMC, the Chinese company CRC was assigned as the contractor. When a hefty amount of commission was demanded by the project, the company had scrapped the contract.
Melamchi Drinking Water Project was initiated 26 years ago with the plan of providing drinking water to the people in Kathmandu. Due to the rampant corruption and commission game, the project has been delayed for years.
Wide-body Airbus episode:
The Sub Committee under the Public Accounts Committee in the federal parliament has concluded that there was misuse of 431 million rupees while purchasing the two wide-body Airbus by Nepal Airlines Corporation.
The 7-member sub-committee coordinated by MP Rajan KC has also demanded to suspend those staffers in the Corporation involved in the Airbus purchase deal and initiate action against them.
Minister is a liar:
Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation RabindraAdhikari, while giving clarification at the sub-committee in the federal parliament, had claimed that he had consulted with the auditor general before sending the final installment of the payment to the concerned company in the course of purchasing the aircraft. The next day, the auditor general, at the same committee, said that he had never given any advice to the minister and also made it clear that he is not the right person to give any advice to the minister.
Public reaction:
The above stated reports are just an example that to what extend the government and its organs are involved in corruption and commission practices. This applies in each and every project. The public reaction is that Minister BinaMagar will get a clean chit as she is the daughter-in-law of Pushpakamal Dahal and the wide-body episode will be dismissed as each and every leaders have received commission from NAC general manager SugatratnaKangsakar.
Rampant loot on government property:
Speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara and national assembly chairman Ganesh Prasad Timilsina are found using four government vehicles each.
Accordingly, deputy speaker Shivamaya Tumbahamphe and general secretary Manahari Prasad Bhattarai are enjoying two government vehicles each.
According to the existing law, the officials can use only one government vehicle. It seems the leaders in power and senior officials are intent to misuse the authority as much as possible in the name of people’s representatives!

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