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CK Raut’s safe landing or strategic move?

By Our Reporter

The government, with big fanfare, announced agreement with CK Raut along with end of his campaign for separate and independent madhesh nation.
On Friday, at the presence of Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, the 11-point agreement between Home Minister Rambahadur Thapa and CK Raut was made public.
Speaking on the occasion, PM Oli lauded Raut saying him as a visionary leader who had renounced the demand of separate Madhesh.
However, speaking at the same occasion, Raut claimed that as the government had agreed to conduct referendum on the demand of the Alliance for Independent Madhesh Nation, the Alliance’s movement for the same has been ended.
PM Oli, who had addressed the gathering after Raut, remained silent on Raut’s claim.
The same morning, earlier to the agreement announcement event, CPN’s secretariat meeting was held at PM’s residence in Baluatar. At the meeting, secretariat members had expressed surprise on the deal which was inked without notice of the secretariat members. Also, specially Bamdev Gautam and Narayankaji Shrestha had objected on the article No 2 and had suggested to amend the article in which it was mentioned, “Dissatisfaction among the people, including the Madheshis will be addressed through the democratic procedures based on people’s mandate”.
Oli’s opposition in the party had objected this clause saying that this is an abstract language which can be defined as the government’s commitment for conducting referendum on the demand for separate Madhesh nation.
At the announcement ceremony, only PM Oli, Minister Thapa and CPN general secretary Bishnu Poudel were present. Other senior leaders didn’t attend the ceremony.
Besides CPN leaders, leaders from main opposition party NC and other parties have opposed use of such abstract word which would give double meaning in the agreement.
UML leader Bhim Rawal has strongly opposed the agreement saying that the government has formally recognized the Alliance for Independent Madhesh and the agreement was endorsed as if between the two nations. He has denounced the government for surrendering against the national sovereignty.
Meanwhile, CK Raut, immediately after the agreement, twitted with the claim that his Alliance got a great victory as the government has become ready to address Madheshi people’s demand through a referendum.
Prime minister’s advisor Bishnu Rimal, however, clarified that there was no any agreement to conduct a referendum on the issue of Madhesh.
The next day, PM Oli, who was speaking at an assembly in Rautahat, said that CK Raut has wished to join the mainstream politics by renouncing the demand for separate Madhesh.
Government-Court setting?:
One day earlier, the Supreme Court bench of two justices, including the Chief Justice, had given the order to release Raut, who was in jail for last five months. The next day, the government announced 11-point agreement. Different camps have created doubt on setting between the government and the court. Such a doubt has also created on the verdict for life sentence to MP Resham Chaudhari on the murder case in a communal violence in Kanchanpur. Comparing the two cases, observers have suspected that whether the government and the court are functioning under the setting!
In the meantime, political analyst Bharat Dahal has claimed that the government and Raut agreement is the result of the Oli government, CIA and Raut connections.
After the summit between Indian PM Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping in Wuhan, China, relations between India and China are excellent. When CIA saw India going out of the American grip, CIA has attempted to create its own space in Nepal, Dahal has argued.
Recent activities such as holly wine summit [Asia-Pacific summit organised by the World Peace Federation] in Kathmandu, FM Pradeep Gyawali’s America visit, granting multiple visa for the American citizens, increment of aid for the Tibetan refugees, presence of the American and British ambassadors at the function organised by the Tibetan refugees organised on the occasion of the Tibetan Lhosar, Indo-Pacific Strategy, etc. are the plan to develop Nepal as the center to carry out western activities, Dahal has analysed.
According to Dahal, Raut, who is campaigning for independent madhesh not only separating Nepal’s tarai land but also including Mithali speaking area in Bihar. This plan is not acceptable for the Indians. Therefore, Raut was facing threat from the Indians. To save Raut from the Indians and also to fulfill the western interests, the present agreement has been endorsed between the Oli government and Raut under the instruction of the US.
Therefore, the clause “people’s mandate” [Lok Sammati] has been included in the agreement, Dahal has argued.

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