Friday , February 22 2019
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Chinese Concern

editDPM and Foreign Minister Krishna Bahadur Mahara is presently in Beijing. His visit, according to the Foreign Ministry sources, is to assure China on Nepal’s eagerness on the implementation of BRI. After signing on the MoU on OBOR initiative and attending the OBOR meeting in Beijing, any further progress has not been seen from the Nepali side. China has suspected the Nepal government’s attitude for delaying the implementation of the project.
Last week, when a team of senior journalists was in Beijing and Kunming, Chinese journalists and think-tank officials had also expressed frustrations on Nepal’s delay in action on the initiative. They tried to convince the Nepali journalists that there is a “win, win situation” for both the countries from OBOR. The message given by the Chinese authorities was that OBOR would help Nepal for achieving economic prosperity, which would lead the nation towards political stability. It was clear to understand, China is ready to invest in Nepal in different areas but Nepal is delaying such an offer, from which the Chinese authorities have been confused.
It seems, the present government in Nepal is afraid of India as she has not liked Nepal’s increasing affiliation with China. The present coalition government is the result of Indian efforts and thus it doesn’t want to make India unhappy. Therefore, the leaders in the government are waiting for Indian green signal to move forward on the OBOR initiative. On the other hand, although, there are disputes in many areas, the Indians are developing bilateral relations specially in the area of economic cooperation with China. Nepal’s envoy in Beijing briefed the Nepali journalists that Nepal ranks last in the list of other beneficiary countries in the South Asian region on bilateral cooperation with China.
How will Minister Mahara deal with the Chinese leaders, it has to be seen. Nevertheless, the Nepali aspiration is that Nepal should adopt the OBOR project without any delay. Nepal, instead of convincing the Chinese leaders about the Nepal government’s compulsion, she should be able to say to the Indian leaders that when India is enhancing economic cooperation with China, why not Nepal take this opportunity as well.

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