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Chinese aircraft in operation

Kathmandu, 9 October: It is interesting to note that the new management in the Nepal Airlines has made possible commercial flights by the dumped brand new Chinese aircraft.

The previous management under the command of controversial person Sugatratna Kangsakar had publicly declared that it was impossible to operate commercial service by Nepal Airlines which it owned through the China made aircraft.

Kangsakar, by dumping the China made aircraft, was planning to purchase some twin-otter aircraft to operate in the small and hilly airports in the mountain areas.

Kanshakar is learnt to have developed such a plan to enjoy a hefty amount of commission while purchasing the new aircraft.

Last week, the 17-seater Y-12 aircraft operated three commercial flights to Lukla, a very sensitive and difficult high-altitude airport after successful test flights several days earlier. Earlier, the previous management had claimed that the China made Y-12 aircrafts were unable to fly to and from the small airports in the hill areas, which has been proved false.

The new management under the command of Madan Kharel has decided to operate all six Chinese aircraft owned by NAC – two 56-seater MA 60 and four 17-seater Y-12 for flights within the country.

Kharel has been appointed executive chairman of the national flag career since Kangsakar was found involved in corruption of above 6 billion rupees while purchasing two wide-body Airbus aircraft.

The CIAA is investigating on the aircraft purchase deal.

Kangsakar is an example of how the corrupt people ruin an organization!

 People’s News Monitoring Service

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