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China may withdraw from reconstruction of Durwar High School

Kathmandu, 20 May: Due to disturbance from different vested groups, China may withdraw its support on reconstruction of Durwar High School and Sanskrit Pathshala in Kathmandu.

Of late, the Kathmandu Metropolis City has taken stance for construction of underground parking at the premises of both the schools, from which construction works have been stopped, reports Annapurna Post daily.

Earlier, Department of Archeology had put forward the condition to construct the Durwar School in its traditional structure as the School was archeologically important. After a long debate, the Chinese embassy drafted a new map of the school meeting the archeological requirements. The Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu, considering approval of the map in which Metropolis authorities were also involved, had already selected the construction company also. Again, when the Kathmandu Metropolis City has put forward new condition for construction of underground parking, the Chinese embassy has become confused.

The Chinese construction company had expected to start construction works from January but due to the dispute among different agencies, construction works have not been started.

The Chinese Embassy has clarified that it has no policy of constructing underground parking in hospital and school buildings. However, Mayor Vidya Sundar Shakya is taking stance for construction of parking area considering scarcity of parking space in future.

The Chinese embassy has gestured that if the Embassy will not be allowed to reconstruct the School, it would withdraw reconstruction works from other 15 schools.

People’s News Monitoring Service


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