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Changing mood of the people

A long queue of the Nepalese citizens including prominent figures of the country were present in front of the Nirmal Niwas, the private residence of former king Gyanendra Bikram Shah, was there to receive tika on the occasion of Vijaya Dashami. It can be considered as the indication of the increasing sympathy of the former king, although it may be disliked by the political leaders, who had assured the citizens that the nation will take a right course after the abolishment of monarchy.
Dreams were distributed by those leaders that life will be better than that during the monarchical system; there will be better rule of law; the nation will be a welfare state…blah, blah, blah. Contrary to that, in absence of the monarchy, we are witnessing rampant corruption, absence of law and negligence on basic democratic norms. The government of the Nepal Communist Party securing two-thirds majority has become non-functional, which has made the citizens disappointed and there is complete absence of the silver line for the positive change in the nation in the near future.
The nation needs further political change which should be truly directed to the welfare of the citizens and prevent it from the possible division into many pieces. Unluckily, some of the political leaders and some so-called prominent personalities are busy to define the voices against the integrity of the nation as human rights. Would anyone have the courage to raise such voices against the nation during the period of active monarchy?
Only if there is the existence of the nation the political parties will be able to play their political games. But the shortsighted leaders, those who gain benefits from the foreign power centers are neither showing willingness to avoid the unnecessary interventions of those centers nor taking necessary strict actions on the voices against the integrity of the nation. They are obeying the directions of those foreign power centers at the cost of the nation. Then what should be done?
Now, the conscious citizens are seriously questioning on what the nation got by abolishing the institution of monarchy! They believe, the end of this institution was a serious mistake. Since all the so-called big political parties, including the ruling one, are losing their popularity this seems more true. On the other hand, the history and geography of the country are in danger in the absence of the monarchy. The institution of monarchy had played the role to save the nation from being divided into various pieces.
If one visits some social sites, one can find people condemning those political leaders who are using bad words against the monarchs. Nepal is culturally, historically and politically knotted to this institution.
Since the popularity of the monarchy is increasing along with the unpopularity of political parties day by day, most of the citizens of the country seem to be in favor of the restoration of illegally as well as undemocratically abolished institution of monarchy, although, it may not be easy to restore it. But its restoration is not impossible either. The world history shows that in many countries including the United Kingdom, the already abolished monarchy was resorted after a certain duration of time.
Former king, Gyanendra, sometimes reminds the political leaders about the agreement between him and them, under which, he had agreed for restoration of the dissolved parliament. It is dishonesty to neglect any type of such agreements by either side. The Nepalese citizens, ignorant on such an agreement, have the right to know about it.
Everyone needs to make efforts from his or her side for the betterment of the nation. For the best solution of this problem the political leaders should realize their mistakes and should play the role for the restoration of democratic multiparty system with monarchial system with needed political power, authority and responsibility. The political system of any country needs to match with the need of the country. In the case of Nepal, integrity and sovereignty will not remain for a long period of time if nothing is done right away. Even the top leaders of the ruling party have explained the gloomy picture of the country in the parliament.

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