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Chand group intensifying violent activities

By Our Reporter
Netrabikram Chand led Nepal Communist Party has strengthen its organization specially in the Western Nepal.
Against the arrest of its workers and search operation carried out in Chand’s hometown, the group has announced Nepal bandh today. Last week also, the group had organised bandh in the West Nepal successfully.
After bomb explosion at the Ncell gate in Lalitpur — killing one man and injuring two females and exploding bombs in Ncell towers in many districts, the next bomb was exploded at the house belonging to Rohan Gurung, the chairman of Nepal Association of Foreign Employment Agencies (NAFEA) in the capital last week.
The government security is seen very weak as one after another bomb is being exploded even in the capital city.
Meanwhile, the government security has been able to recover sophisticated arms from Chand’s party workers from different parts of the country. It is believed that these arms were seized from the Neplai security force during the “people’s war” era and they were kept secretly by the Maoists even after the peace accord and integration of the Maoist PLA in the Nepal Army.
Meanwhile, Home Minister Rambahadur Thapa Badal, who used to be closed ally of Chand in the past, has asked the security forces for net treating Chand group as a political force.

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