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Interesting election race among heavyweights

By Our Reporter When the first phase of elections  in  37 constituencies of  32 districts are just one and a half weeks away, people have started guessing the fate of the heavyweights who are contesting the elections from the same constituency. Surely, many of the heavyweights of the major parties …

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Parties’ election manifesto just distributing dreams


By Our Reporter The political parties contesting the upcoming elections to the House of Representatives and the provincial assemblies have made their election manifestos public in a bid to win the voters’ trust. But the manifestos appear to be nothing more than a gimmick to woo the innocent voters. The …

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NTTP officer in election

By Our Reporter Daman Dhungana, former speaker, who is currently working for Nepal Transit to Peace (NTTP) by receiving attractive monthly salary plus many facilities including vehicles, is contesting poll for the post of member of parliament from Bhaktapur constituency No 2 as the NC candidate. NTTP is an NGO …

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Provinces and federal parliament structure

By Our Reporter In seven province parliaments, a total of 330 directly elected MPs and a total of 220 MPs will be elected through the proportional system. In Federal Parliament, there will be 165 directly elected MPs and 110 MPs will be elected through proportional elections. The total strength of …

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Is only Govinda Raj Joshi corrupt?

By Our Reporter The Election Commission (EC), as demanded by senior leader Ram Chandra Poudel, annulled candidacy of Nepali Congress leader Govinda Raj Joshi citing that he was convicted by the Special Court on corruption charges. The district office of the EC in Tanahun had scrapped Joshi’s candidacy at the …

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A ‘new era’ for the Party, China and world

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) concluded on October 24, but the agendas it set remain hot topics. What does the outcome of the Congress mean for today’s China and the world? Global Times (GT) reporters Wang Wenwen and Luan Xuan talked with Chen Haosu …

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Nepali political analysts are near obsessively locating Nepali politics at center stage of global strategy. The fact is otherwise. It is at the peripheries of the centers of the fast paced global strategies being evolved by major powers. For global strategists to take upon themselves the roles of the center …

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The same faces to rule the nation

By Our Reporter National politics has been polarized as major parties have developed alliances.The UML and Maoist Center have forged a Left alliance, on the other hand, the democratic parties have developed Broader Democratic Alliance, however, the deal is yet to be finalized as Tarai based parties are claiming more …

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Road accident on rise again


By Our Reporter At least 51 persons were killed in three separate road accidents in three days. When the nation was mourning the death of 31 passengers killed in a bus accident in Dadhing on Saturday, 20 others were killed on Monday in Gulmi and Udyapur districts. The frequent accidents …

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