Thursday , March 22 2018
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Gorkhaland movement turns violent

Darjeeling 3

By Our Reporters The movement launched by the people of Nepali origin in Darjeeling and Doors against the decision of the State Government of West Bengal to make Bangla language compulsory in schools has finally turned into a political movement, thanks to the police suppression. With the killing of three …

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RJP against election postponement


By Our Reporter Even after postponement of local elections in No 2 province, the RJP leaders have intensified agitation in their areas of influence. The RJP leaders are saying that they had not asked the government to postpone the elections, however, they were concerned about the response to their demands …

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What if RJP will not take part in 28 June elections?


By Pushpa Raj Pradhan After talks with the government on Sunday afternoon, the Rastriya Janata Party (RJP) announced its agitation programmes, instead of participating in the 28 June elections. When different rounds of talks with the government failed, RJP was compelled to announce thyat it will not only boycott the …

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Deuba becomes the PM for fourth time


By Our Reporter The Parliament on Tuesday afternoon elected Sher Bahadur Deuba, 71, as the new Prime Minister. This is his fourth tenure as the PM and he is the 40th PM of the country. He is assuming the office with the PM’s portfolio. As expected, Deuba has bagged 388 …

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Caretaker government presents the biggest budget!

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Krishna Bahadur Mahara addresses the Parliament meeting on Thursday, September 1, 2016. Photo: RSS

By Our Reporter The caretaker government on Monday unveiled the budget of Rs 1.279 trillion for the coming fiscal year 2017/18. Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Krishna BahadurMahara unveiled the budget at the Legislature Parliament meeting late in the afternoon. The new budget, largest in terms of its size …

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UML ensures victory by winning over 120 local units


By Our Political Analyst As expected prior to the local election, the CPN-UML has won the largest number of seats in the first phase of local polls held on May 31. As of Tuesday it won 119 posts of mayors  in municipalities and chairmen of rural municipalities while its candidates …

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UML emerges as a strong party


By Pushpa Raj Pradhan Until the writing of this report on Tuesday, the UML was leading in the voting result of the local election. The Nepali Congress, the largest party in the last CA elections, was following the UML. It is shameful that the Maoist Center, which had become the …

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Fate of second phase election uncertain


By Our Reporter Although it is now almost sure that the first phase of election will be held in the scheduled date of May 14, as an election friendly environment has already been in place, the fate of the second phase local poll looks uncertain. The government, which had earlier …

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Leaders practicing autocracy; system has collapsed


By Pushpa Raj Pradhan The two cases of misuse of the impeachment motion against CIAA chief Lokman Singh and Supreme Court chief justice SushilaKarki, has clearly provided the evidence that the present constitution has collapsed. In both the cases, the political leaders have been very badly exposed. Misuse of impeachment: …

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When the nation is defeated

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By Pushpa R. Pradhan   Finally, Delhi has demonstrated her political strength by showing its ownership on the Madheshi parties. This is not a surprise. The six Tarai centric political parties have been unified into the RastriyaJanata Party (RJP) under Indian initiative and support. The Indians have shown their ownership …

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