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Who does an ambassador represent?

By Our reporter Nepal is identified as a politically unstable country since the introduction of the multiparty democracy in 1990 as none of the political parties were able to run the country for total tenure of five years. And after the introduction of the present “loktantra” the governments are just …

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India’s wait and see strategy regarding Nepal


By Our Political Analyst India, which had attempted to internationalize the issue of violation of human rights in Nepal specially on discrimination on the Madheshi people and had warned PushpakamalDahal “Prachanda” that a case would be filed against him in Hague, has decided to keep pending these attempts for the …

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People will not tolerate further

By Our Reporter Compared to the present day leaders, the monarchs have made remarkable contributions to keep Nepal a sovereign and independent nation. After the formation of modern Nepal, by Prithivi Narayan Shah the Great, the Ranas captured the power, nevertheless, the Ranas had also safeguarded national sovereignty. After the …

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Indians encroach Nepali land


By Our Reporter In many bordering villages with India in Sunsari District, Indians have constructed huts and houses by encroaching in Nepali soil, according to reports. In Sripur, Haripur, Narsingha, Laukaha, Ghuski, Basaantapur, DevanGunj, Amaduwa, Rajganj, Sinubari and Sahebgunj VDCs, hundreds of bighas of land have been encroached by the …

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How justifiable is the demand for pension to ex-MPs?

By Our Reporter At a time when the top politicians have been busy blowing the state coffers under different pretexts, the former members of parliament have demanded pension and other facilities. Their demand, which was strongly opposed by a negligible number of ex MPs themselves, has raised questions whether the …

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Why are human rights activists, media indifferent to Gangadevi Adhikari?


By Our Reporter Ganga Devi Adhikari of Fujel, Gorkha, has been staging fast-onto death demanding legal actions against the murderers of her youngest son  Krishna Prasad Adhikari.  Her husband Nanda Prasad Adhikari died two years ago while staging hunger strike putting forth the same demand. The poor widow is now …

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By Our Reporter A debate between Deputy Prime Minister Bimalendra Nidhi and UML vice chairman Bhim Rawal turned nasty both exchanging harsh words. While Rawal accused DPM Nidhi of being an Indian agent, Nidhi accused Rawal of being the agent of the European Union. The debate between the two had …

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Attempt to finish Nepali language?


By Our Reporter After the abolition of Monarchy, disturbing the communal and religious harmony and sowing the seed of division among the people living in different geographies in the name of federalism, now attempts are underway to finish the Nepali language as well as Nepali literature.  These people have very …

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Why a secular President is visiting Hindu shrines?

President Bidya Devi Bhandari greets to people after offering prayers to the Sun God, while celebrating the Chhath festival, at Guhyeshwori of Kathmandu, on Tuesday, November 17, 2015. Photo: RSS

By Our Reporter President Vidya Bhandari is a follower of Marxism Leninism who doesn’t believe on the Almighty. President Vidya Bhandari is the head of state of a secular nation having no belief on religion. Odd to notice, in spite of her personal belief as being a communist and also …

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