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Why two thirds majority?

By Our Reporter It is clear, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli led government is trying to secure two-thirds majority to amend the constitution. Whether the government is intended to please the Indians by amending the constitution or there are other agendas to fulfill while securing two-thirds majority, the government has …

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Who will be next President?

By Our Reporter The Election Commission has decided to hold the election of the President on March 13. The EC fixed the date after consulting with the political parties. The members of the federal parliament and the provincial assemblies will cast their votes in the elections. As the left alliance …

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Oli-Khatiwada relations

By Our Reporter Always, when there is the government either participated by UML or led by UML, Dr Yubraj Khatiwada is always being rewarded. There are many other academicians in UML, even though, whenever Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli gets chance, he has assigned Khitiwada in key posts. Earlier, Khatiwada …

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Will corruption rate be reduced?

By Our Reporter According to the Transparency International report, Nepal is ranked among the most corrupt nations. Of late, the country is enjoying republicanism and communists have enjoyed power time and again, even though, year by year, Nepal has been recognized as a corrupt nation. The very people, who were …

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Unification or surrender?


By Our Reporter Finally Maoist Center chairman Pushpakamal Dahal has stepped down from hisbottom-line. He had wanted a written agreement on power sharing both in the government and party. Although, UML and Maoist leaders have announced unification of the two parties by signing on the 7-point agreement, there is no …

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Why the unification process was delayed?

By Our Reporter Although it was said that due to the difference on the ideologies adopted by UML and Maoist Center (MC), the unification process of the two parties was delayed, and the fact is that as MC chairman PushpakamalDahal wants a written agreement on sharing power in both the …

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Democracy Day observed without public enthusiasm

PM Oliaa

By Our Reporter The 68th Democracy Day was observed on Monday in Kathmandu and the provincial headquarters by organising various programmes at the government levels. However, public enthusiasm in the national event was not noticed. This was the first Democracy Day marked after fulfilling the major demand—running state affairs as …

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Five political parties choose kin of leaders, business tycoon in PR seats

By Our Reporter The political parties, which had drawn flak for nominating their kin in the Constituent Assemblies under the proportionate representation (PR) electoral system, did not correct themselves while selecting the lawmakers to the House of Representatives under the PR election system. The powerful leaders succeeded to send their …

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There are good reasons for the army’s popularity in Pakistan

By ATTA RASOOL MALIK The ideological origins of the Pakistan Army can be traced back to what is known in British histories as the ‘The Indian Mutiny.’ Its objective was to reinstate to power in Delhi the Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah. This was India’s First War of Independence and was …

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Unification of UML and Maoist-Centre: Moves at snail’s pace


By Our Reporter Although the leaders of the CPN-UML and the Maoist Centre had promised to unify their parties immediately after the elections to the House of Representatives and provincial assemblies, the unification process has not made any tangible headway even two months after the elections concluded. However, leaders of …

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