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Where lies Nepal’s “one China policy?”

By Our Reporter On 14 November, 41 Tibetans were arrested by the Nepali security as they were heading for India without the travel document. On 26 November, again 15 Tibetans were arrested from Belahia transit point in Nepal-India border. The security had handed them over to the Immigration Department for …

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Amendment proposal invites Indian interference

By Our Reporter The constitution amendment proposal registered by the government in the parliament is likely to be an excuse forIndia to further consolidate interference in Nepal’s internal matters. Signs to this direction have already been visible. Indian ambassador to Nepal Ranjit Rae threw a lunch party for the leaders …

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Fate of the constitution

By Our Reporter Even if RPP (37 votes) will cast vote for amendment of the constitution, there is lack of two votes to endorse the amendment bill, said an UML source. However, on Monday, RPP decided not to vote for amendment of the constitution stating that in as-it-is situation the …

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Constitution amendment becomes knottier

By Our Reporter The government has registered the constitution amendment bill in the Parliament on Tuesday night. PM Pushpakamal Dahal said that after he got assurance from the Tarai centric parties that they would go for elections if the constitution is amended. Therefore, Dahal said that the government had registered …

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Fidel Castro: Lessons for Nepali leaders


By Our Reporter Fidel Castro who built a communist state on the doorstep of the United States and for five decades defied U.S. efforts to topple him, died on Friday. He was 90. Despite facing US blockades for decades, he managed to build a strong Cuba, making his country prosperous …

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Is this a perchance?

By Our Political Analyst Republican Nepal was ushered in diplomatically when the Chinese ambassador was the first to submit his official credentials about a decade ago to prime minister Girija Koirala who assumed the office of acting head of state amidst the charged interim environs of a ‘suspended’ monarchy. Indian …

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By Pushpa Raj Pradhan Thousands of local Newars welcomed former King Gyanendra to attend the Khadga exchange ceremony of the Pachhali Bhairav in Marutole, Kathmandu on Sunday morning. The former King was invited there at the capacity of a King to continue the religious tradition which was halted since the …

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Is new polarization in the offing in new world order?

By Our Reporter The growing tension between India and Pakistan and the increasing strategic intimacy between China and Russia show the onset of the new world order. The latest activities of the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi showed he is eager to join the American Club. If the ongoing tension …

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“Loktantra” not for the people

By Our Reporter These days, if one visits social networks, the status of commoners are full with dissatisfaction against the political leaders and the political parties who are fighting for power and always engaged in conspiracy for power. Our leaders have proved that politics is the name of a dirty …

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